LG G9 ThinQ Review Features, Specifications Release Date

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LG has been well-known for producing quality cell phones for long. All their cell phones are attractive, durable, and high-quality. Continuing their legacy, LG is releasing a new smartphone named LG G9 ThinQ in February 2020.

They claim that their upcoming cellphone LG G9 Thin Q will leave a genuinely long-lasting impression on its users. You might have heard of LG G9 ThinQ, and you might be interested in knowing more about its features, specifications, and all other such news.

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If yes, then you are in the right place. We will provide a complete review of the upcoming LG G9 ThinQ. We will be discussing all the features and other specifications of the cell phone, which will make your process of purchasing the cell phone easier.

So, let’s get started.

LG G9 ThinQ Release Date

LG announces about their newly launched phones every year at MWC in an event that takes place every February in Barcelona. The announcement for LG G8 ThinQ was made in February 2019, and the cell phone was launched one month later on March 2019.

Similarly, LG company has announced to launch LG G9 ThinQ in February 2020 in its annual event at MWC.

LG G9 ThinQ Price

Now, talking about the price, we can infer that the phone might not be too expensive. If we compare the costs of the G series, we can conclude the results quickly.

LG G6 retailed a price of $650 when it was launched. And in the successive years, the prices of the cell phones LG G7 ThinQ and LG G8 ThinQ were $750 and $850, respectively.

Following a similar trend, we can infer that LG G9 ThinQ might come at $900 to $950.

LG G9 ThinQ Features

Let’s have a look at the features of LG’s upcoming phone


The feature that makes LG G9 ThinQ stand out from others is its camera. The phone is famous for containing sixteen cameras. It might surprise you, but yes, it has sixteen camera options.

However, the lenses on the back of the phone might be fewer. The phone might have either three or four lenses.

LG G9 ThinQ

Multi-Camera Benefits

The trend of multi-camera devices has increased in the recent past. The inclusion of multi-cameras has made the devices more versatile.

The best advantage of this multi-camera setup is that you can take a photo with all the cameras at one time. In this way, you can pick the best picture you like.

Moreover, the phone allows creating a detailed panorama using the selective image morphing and stitching feature.

Furthermore, Increasing the number of cameras enhances depth detection, which is used in portrait mode.

Enhanced OLED Display

Another outstanding feature of LG G9 is it’s improved and enhanced OLED display.

LG hasn’t succeeded in providing an excellent display over the years. Their plastic OLED panels haven’t impressed the users, especially when compared to Samsung’s Super AMOLEDs. LG’s display lacks both in terms of peak brightness and color accuracy.

However, LG G8 ThinQ showed an improvement over its predecessors in terms of display.

Following a similar trend, LG G9 ThinQ is expected to have an enhanced and much improved OLED display.

Hole-Punch Selfie Camera

Furthermore, along with refinement in its 6.1-inch Quad-HD screen, information also reveals that the company has been working on the idea of a hole-punch selfie camera. So, the G9 ThinQ may have a smaller camera punch-hole.

Headphone Jack

Although many other phones, including Samsung Note 10, have ditched the headphone jack, we can still hope that LG will leave it in place as a unique selling point. They won’t skip the headphone jack, especially if the phone once again goes big on audio.


Now let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of LG G9 ThinQ

Custom Android Skin

LG’s custom Android skin isn’t the worst, but it needs some improvements, both in terms of visual design and functionality.

A software feature currently missing from LG’s Android skin is the dark mode. The LG G9 ThinQ is undoubtedly going to have an OLED screen, and we may expect that, by the time LG G9 ThinQ launches, LG will have developed a dark mode implementation that takes advantage of the Technology.

Not Supported by 5G Technology

You might be shocked to know that the LG G9 ThinQ will not support 5G. We know that 5G will become the most widespread Technology by 2020, not only in the UK but all over the world.

LG told the Android Authority at MWC 2019 that all their V-series phones will support 5G, while all G-series will support 4G.

LG might have to review their decision because most people buy their phones on a two-year contract. By 2022 any phone that doesn’t support 5G is going to seem super-outdated.

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