Los Angeles wedding photographer and videographer – how do I find an expert?

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Wedding photos are not just pictures, they are your memories! That’s why it’s so important to choose the perfect photographer. Our tips will help you in your search.

The main rule when choosing a photographer: you must like him/her as a professional and as a person, because with him/her you will share such an important day in your life, entrust him/her your emotions, feelings, and your future wedding memories.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a real specialist los angeles wedding photographer and videographer.

Where do you start?

The first thing is to decide what you want from your wedding photos, how you see them, how many hours do you need a photographer for your wedding day? The requirements for a professional will depend on this. The clearer you are about the photographer’s role at your wedding, the better the results will be – it will be easier for the photographer to work with you, and you will enjoy looking at your family album afterwards.

Decide what you want your wedding photography to be: classic or more experimental? Decide what style of photography you like and look for a photographer who works in that particular style. 

Decide in advance on the location of the wedding photo session – it should complement the overall concept of the celebration and be convenient geographically (you should not spend too much time on the wedding day on the road).

Remember that it’s better to visit fewer places and take more beautiful photos than to try to have time everywhere and end up only getting tired.

Photographer’s portfolio

It is clear that the portfolio of a photographer is one of the main factors on the basis of which the choice is made. It’s also obvious that, without exception, all photographers put in their portfolio pictures, which they themselves consider the best.

¬†This should definitely be taken into consideration when looking at a wedding photographer’s portfolio. So be prepared for the fact that the photos you get as a result of your own, real wedding photo shoot may be a little worse than what you saw in his photo gallery.

So how do you choose a photographer by his portfolio? To do this, we have highlighted three main points:

There should be a lot of photos in a portfolio.

It’s a good sign if the portfolio has a “Favorites” section with 50 or more of the most beautiful and unusual photos taken at different weddings and, at the same time, there are pages devoted to an individual wedding where 10 to 50 interesting photos taken at one wedding are placed.

Photos in the portfolio should be different.

The portfolio should necessarily include beautiful photos taken in different locations, in different weather conditions, and at different times of the year – this will confirm the photographer’s extensive experience and ability to extract “visual benefits” from difficult shooting conditions.

You have to like all the photos in your portfolio.

This tip seems too trivial to even talk about.

But if you see, for instance, more than half of the shots in your portfolio that make you ask, “Well, what’s so special about it?” then the skill and experience of the photographer isn’t very special either. Accordingly, try to determine for yourself how many ordinary, non-original photos you are ready to accept from the photographer after your wedding photo session, and with this determination proceed to the selection.

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