Malware Cleaners: Do You Really Need Them and How to Choose the Best?

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Malware Cleaners
Malware Cleaners

Using malware cleaners for Macs is still a subject of hot debate as there are many opponents and proponents of this new software type. For many years, Macs have been considered immune to malware and hacking attacks. However, hackers and cybercriminals are on guard, continually developing and improving their methods, and Mac users have also become vulnerable to malware threats, viruses, adware, and other cyber-trash. 

Malware cleaners have emerged on the iOS market as promising software claiming to optimize Mac performance and clean the Mac storage space from all kinds of malicious software. Many cleaners come to Apple-certified, but a much larger number thereof is dubious and unsafe. So, when you notice the first signs of your Mac’s slowing performance or you have some malware suspicions, is it time to install a malware cleaner? Let’s have a look at expert opinions on the subject. 

Benefits of Cleaners 

Most malware cleaners from reliable, certified providers indeed do much good to your Mac, ousting the viruses and malware that have managed to nest in your system. Besides, they have many pleasant extras, such as cleaning some vital space to speed up your device’s operations. The malware cleaners’ typical features include: 

  • Disk space cleaning and optimization 
  • Speeding up of slow Mac’s performance 
  • Removal of duplicate and redundant files 
  • Malware eradication 

So, if you detect any of these problems on your Mac, probably the time is right to consider malware cleaner apps and choose the most reliable and reputable one for assistance. 

Hidden Threats of Cleaners 

Because of the rising popularity of malware cleaners, many fraudsters have also designed cleaner-looking apps that are, in fact, malicious software products. Many comments in the official Apple community warn users against installing any malware cleaners because such programs cause more problems than they solve. Most of them cause Macs to get even slower than before, and some ruin the macOS on which they are installed. Malicious “cleaners” also come with malware, virus, or adware insertions, thus infecting your Mac even more than it was before you decided to clean it.

How to Choose a Safe One? 

Given the disagreement on malware cleaners’ benefits and risks, you might still want to have one installed on your device. So, how to choose a safe cleaner worth its cost and delivering all the features it promises? Here are a couple of selection tips. 

Consider Features 

As a rule, malware cleaners come up with a bunch of features stretching far beyond conventional virus eradication and malware identification. Well-designed, reputable cleaners can take complete control of your system by detecting its vulnerabilities, optimizing storage space for better productivity, and monitoring data safety. Thus, to choose a proper malware cleaner, you need to determine the features of the products you’re considering and compare them with the list of your priorities. 

Take a Test Drive 

Most companies selling malware cleaners enable a quick and free tour around their app’s features for all newcomers. You can enjoy 7-14 days of a free trial to use the full version of the software and see whether its functions are what you need. Make the purchase afterward or shift to another provider if the trial run was dissatisfying. 

Read Reviews 

Though reviews are less and less trusted in the modern world of paid advertising and testimonials for money, there are still some non-corrupted sources of honest discussions of online products. Some real-person reviews can be found on Reddit, the resource that keeps proper care of ensuring the participants’ real identities and honest comments, or on Yelp – a lesser-known yet honest social network with reviews. 

You can also look for professional communities where experts share their knowledgeable accounts of using particular software, pointing at their pros, cons, and use nuances. Thus, a couple of minutes of digging and some more time reading can give you a much better idea of the product you’re going to buy.

Security without a Cleaner 

Even if you prefer not to install any malware cleaner on your device, you may be reassured to find out that achieving a high edge of security and performance optimization is still possible. For instance, the new Mac OS X Lion feature named Gatekeeper is an excellent update of Apple’s security measures. It complements the existing system of Mac malware checks and protects your computer from malware and malicious apps much better than non-Apple software does. Besides, Apple boasts a robust firewall that protects your system well if you turn it on. Comprehensive protection from adware and viruses can also be achieved by enacting the Safari adBlock extension on your device. It will block all incoming pop-up ads and malicious links to keep your Mac use experience safe and protected. 

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