Best SMS Messages Templates for E-commerce Marketing Strategy

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The best way to ensure communication with your customers is SMS message templates  Thanks to bulk SMS messaging, you can notify a large number of users about upcoming discounts, changes in the opening hours, or updating your range. The SMS marketing campaign is an effective method of brand promotion. But you shouldn’t forget about the following recommendations for greater efficiency:

  1. Messages must be personalized. This increases the open rate and relevance of your content.
  2. New offers to your customers should be based on their purchases.
  3. Use a call to action. So, users will be able to understand what needs to be done to achieve the goal.
  4. Don’t include a lot of text in your message – 160 characters is enough to highlight the main point.

Don’t send messages too often – users will quickly get tired of your mailing. This will increase you unsubscribe percentage.

New audience welcome SMS

Users leave personal data in their profile during registration. These may include contact information, including a phone number and email. If a client agrees to subscribe, you can use the indicated numbers and send interesting alerts.

You can thank your newly registered customers for registering by offering them a discount or exclusive items to purchase. This will lead to increased loyalty to your brand. You can automate such mailings using services from BSG.

Abandoned cart message template

To reduce sales and increase conversion rates, you should choose SMS retargeting. Add a link to the abandoned cart in your text messages and remind if your customer can use any discounts.

If users leave the shopping cart and don’t place an order, chances are that they want to find similar products on other websites. In order not to lose your customers, remind them to continue their purchase immediately after choosing a product. This is where the text message marketing strategy is best.

Promotional discount SMS sample

With the help of SMS marketing platform, you can send discount codes to your customers. In this case, they are more likely to be opened than if they were sent through another marketing channel. Promotional notifications will help you make e-commerce profits faster.

SMS texting marketing is intended for sending informational and other messages. You can interest your customers with exclusive promotions and discounts that are available only to subscribers. When users lose interest in your newsletter, they can easily unsubscribe. To do this, you need to use a special stop word or follow the link to the site and perform the necessary actions.

In your mailing list, you can invite your regular customers to become a member of your loyalty program and get even more bonuses and discounts. This idea will be interesting to your target audience, which often makes purchases in your company. After some time after launching a new strategy, you will see how effective your advertising campaign is.

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