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It is often said that books are a man’s best friend. They act as the guiding light in phases of darkness and are the ultimate source of knowledge. There are hundreds and thousands of books on every subject. You name it, and you have it. Be it literature, politics, economics, science, fiction, autobiographies, etc., etc., you can find good quality books on each subject. In fact, books aren’t merely informative but entertaining as well. Apart from academic books, you can find several fiction books or a series of novels. These books usually cover genres like comedy, mystery, adventure, romance, etc. The Sherlock Holmes series, The Harry Potter series are all quality examples of books that are a source of entertainment. But have you ever wondered how all these books reach us? It’s through a process called publishing. 

Publishing a book is as important as writing one because it makes your content accessible to the public. It is through publishing that your book reaches the desired audience and gains popularity. Thus, publishing is the channel that bridges the gap between the author and the reader. However, publishing a book isn’t an easy task. It requires special knowledge, expertise, skills, and creativity. More importantly, in today’s day and light, when there is increasing competition everywhere, publishing attains an even greater role. But finding an affordable and quality publishing agency can be a tiresome task for most authors- especially the new ones. Well, not anymore. This article brings to you the best self-publishing agency that is dedicated to making your book a huge success. 

About MindStir Media


MindStir Media is a leading book publishing company in the States. The company was founded in January 2009 by J.J. Hebert, #1 Amazon Bestselling author of 5 books. The company is involved in the business of self-publishing and book marketing. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it is a self-publishing company. As a publishing body, it encourages and aids young authors to get their work published despite limited economic means. 

The books published via MindStir Media are available to more than 39,000 wholesalers and retailers. These books can be found in libraries spread across the entire world. Also, given the rise of the e-commerce industry recently, MindStir Media also has tie-ups with popular online platforms. These include the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Walmart, Ingram Content Group, etc. MindStir Media is rated as the #1 self-publishing website by companies like Penny Matters, Best Techie, etc. 

Notable Works & Partnerships

Any company’s goodwill lies in its partnerships and the work that they have already done. As a publishing agency, goodwill assumes an even greater significance. Keeping this in mind, MindStir Media has formed partnerships with some important and popular individuals. These include the likes of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and actress Mariel Hemingway. Some notable works published by MindStir Media include books by authors like Sho Kosugi, Arnold Kane, Don Miller, etc.

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Major Services 

As a self-book-publishing agency, MindStir Media offers a variety of services and features. The website offers several packages that the authors can choose from as per their requirements. Every author at MindStir Media is paired with an author represented by the company. He acts as the project manager for that author. His job is to assist the author in the publishing process and make it easier and more successful. Some major services that are provided by MindStir Media as part of its self-publishing packages include: 

  • Mentoring from a bestselling author.
  • Book designing, layout, presentation.
  • Professional editing.
  • Printing facility in different forms.
  • Marketing and publicity; and 
  • distribution

All these services are provided at affordable costs by the company. As a result, the young and autonomous authors can afford publishing services and benefit from the same. This acts as a great booster for their career early on and provides them with the right platform. Another feature that makes MindStir Media the best publishing agency is its policy in terms of intellectual property rights & royalties. Every author retains the copyright over their work and can earn royalties up to 100%. 

Hence, MindStir Media is certainly the best when it comes to self-publishing books

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