8 Mitigation Strategies to Keep Your Files Safe

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8 Mitigation Strategies to Keep Your Files Safe
Mitigation Strategies to Keep Your Files Safe

Mitigation Strategies

Digital files are as important as the physical and tangible ones. They are perhaps more essential in our daily lives as they could be accessed, retrieved, archived, saved, and transferred in a faster and easier way. Just like the physical files too, they are vulnerable to damage and even loss when not properly stored and protected, leaving the files stored be stolen or gone.

As the world of information, security continues to develop advanced technologies, professionals, records officers, and scholars have also been able to make ways to keep their files safe. These mitigation strategies have led lots of successful publishers, office workers, students, instructors, and the like to encourage secured storing and saving of their digital files, most especially when it is highly important to them; causing a tremendous impact when lost. If you want to know those mitigation strategies to prevent unwanted circumstances, check this list out:

  • Authentication

Information and cybersecurity professionals have developed multi-factor authentication including passwords, PINs, or security questions. As one of the most used file extensions for documents, portable digital files (PDF) can now be encrypted through the use of authentication. Innovators include a security feature for PDFs that contain restricted and confidential data and information. To maximize the utilization, PDFs could also be converted to DOC files through the use of free tools online. One of the best tools includes PDFBear’s PDF to Word feature that allows your PDF to be transcripted into a more flexible file of DOC.

  • Storage Systems

Internal storages and hardware are perhaps the default house of data. What the data and information creators used to overlook is that these default storages could also be damaged, leaving the data vulnerable to loss. Backing up your digital files, that contain important data and information, in cloud services, magnetic discs, and optical discs could help you ensure its safety. It could also prevent your devices from the disastrous impact of physical and natural calamities such as floods and typhoons.

  • Device Cases

Handling your device such as phone, tablet, and laptops could be a bit awkward without the device cases. Little do we know that aside from preventing that peculiar feeling and promoting aesthetics, device cases also protect your device from its immediate damage that could lead to the loss of the digital files that it handles. It is one of the most overlooked strategies that we can do in order for us to protect our digital files indirectly. Device cases could also help you identify your device easily and fastly from the other similar devices with the same appearances, keeping you to guarantee the identification of your device containing the digital files.

  • Security Softwares

Malware is a treacherous digital file attacker that could destroy, steal, and sabotage your digital files containing the personal and sensitive information of yours. As the online world becomes a melting pot of different people on the Internet across the country, and even the entire globe, more and more people in the cyber world become susceptible to data theft and information security mishaps. Despite that, malware including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and a lot more could be acquired not just online, but also offline. Devices such as infected flash drives inserted into your device could also lead to a disaster. Some are sent to your e-mail account, pretending to be a legitimate source of information. To address these all device and digital file attackers, install security software that prevents potentially harmful malware attacks to your devices.

  • Installing Digital Certificate

Social engineering is a type of psychological manipulation of people both online and offline that handles or possesses confidential or restricted data and information of an organization or even themselves alone. It is conducting some actions to take the advantage that could be used against the victims.

This kind of threat against information security has caused an enormous impact from lots of Internet users in the cyber world as it is beyond just the computer science itself. It also includes something social. To address this, information security and legal experts implement digital certificates that can be used to authenticate your identity, preventing imitation and alteration of you when signing documents.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN serves as a secure tunnel for your connectivity against the harmful attacks of malware or even other unauthorized users. All the data traffic when you are using VPN is routed through the encrypted virtual tunnel. The VPN pretends like your Internet Protocol (IP) address during the time you are using the Internet, keeping its location unknown from everyone on the Web. Hence, using it will give you protection against the potential device, file, data, and information attackers.

  • Firewall

One of the best mitigation strategies to do when someone wants to steal your information and files online is to use a firewall for your network. The firewall software filters and blocks the outside or external users to access your computer or device, keeping your private files on the computer safe. Aside from blocking those unauthorized users, a firewall also hinders malicious software or malware such as viruses and worms that can get your data and information. Malware can also degrade your computer processes as it fills up the system itself, making its speed to be depreciated.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Unexpected power interruption could cause enormous damage to your files. Aside from corrupting the files, it could also damage your computer or device. As a mitigation strategy, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical tool that could provide emergency power to a power cargo when the main power supply fails. From having this, it could prevent the unwanted mishap about the damages from the sudden power failure.


As the online and digital world continues to become an interactive place among the processes of data and information, there is indeed a need for us to know and understand how we can protect the files that are essential for us from potential attackers. From this list, you can now know what you should do today.

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