Peculiarities of Writing a Persuasive Essay

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Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a Persuasive Essay: You are mistaken if you think that persuasive writing is only about high school or college essays. In reality, persuading techniques are used in advertising, marketing, different kinds of reviews, and even in everyday life like nowadays people are persuaded to get a vaccination against Covid-19. Politicians try to persuade people to elect them, and lawyers try to convince the judge that the position of their defendant is more correct. Charities persuade people to donate their money, time, or something else. Blogger Todd Johnson from research paper writing service claims that writing persuasive essays is the way to get the skills that might be necessary for many jobs. But what is persuasive writing about? 

Tips for Good Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing aims to convince the reader that the author’s point of view expressed in the thesis is the only one correct. The author creates arguments, finds proof, and uses different emotional devices to achieve his/her goal. The opposite point of view is also presented, but only as something discredited. But how can you become a good persuasive writer?

  • Choose a topic you feel knowledgeable about. Due to this, you will be able to write a better thesis and arguments. You still will need to do research, but the knowledge you have already got will help you with that research. If you don’t have an option of choosing the topic, it’s necessary first to read at least something on the topic.
  • Take into account the audience you are writing to. It’s not about your professor who will read your essay. Think about the audience who might be interested in the topic you are writing about. Address this audience and try to persuade those imaginary people.
  • Use different literary devices to support your point of view. Hyperboles, similes, rhetorical questions, and other literary devices will help you to persuade your readers that your thesis is correct. It’s important to show your passion for your point of view. An unusual or shocking fact or data might be a good device to attract your readers’ attention. 
  • Make thorough research. It’s very important to find facts, data, and experts’ opinions on the topic to support your arguments and thesis. It’s necessary to research opposite points of view on the topic. This will help you to formulate your thesis and arguments. They say that to improve your argument, it’s good to create a counterargument to it. This way you will see the drawbacks of your argument.

Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

The structure of a persuasive essay doesn’t differ from many other kinds of essays. In the introduction, it’s necessary to introduce your thesis. It’s also necessary to prove that the topic you are presenting is interesting and important. In the body paragraphs, the author should introduce his/her arguments and data, facts, and experts’ opinions to support the arguments. Usually, an argument and its proof are presented in one paragraph. The conclusion summarizes what was written in the essay supporting the thesis and stressing the main points. But there are some things you should remember if you want to write a really good essay. 

  • Take your time. Start working on your essay early enough to have time to revise and edit your writing. Besides, in the process of writing, you might need to change your thesis or arguments. You should have time to do additional research to support them.
  • Remember that your readers might know little about the topic. So it’s necessary to define the terms you are using. It’s also good to mention the experts and their works on the topic. 
  • Never skip revising and editing stage. It’s a good idea to ask your friend for help with it. If possible, involve him/her even earlier, at the stage of creating thesis and arguments. A fresh look and discussion will help you build a stronger thesis and arguments.

Writing essays is a very good exercise to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills. But by writing persuasive essays students get one more skill that is on-demand in many professions. And though working on any kind of essay isn’t an easy task, doing it again and again you can master the job. They say that practice makes perfect.

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