7 Things You Should Personalize on Your Smartphone!

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Personalize on Your Smartphone

Phones have evolved from being non-portable dials to handheld devices. What used to be shared by the family became a personal possession. This has led to people personalizing their phones. Of course, personalizing your smartphone doesn’t stop with colorful phone cases and trendy hanging accessories. It should be about the apps you put in, too. And it’s crucial that your smartphone and its content are safe and secure.

That said, these changes shouldn’t only be done on the outside but on the inside, too. And just like everything else, these should be something that fits your personality and lifestyle. Luckily, from rearranging icons to finding the best ringtone apps, personalizing your smartphone can be done in a heartbeat. That said, if customizing interests you, read on to learn about the seven things that you should personalize on your smartphone.

 Ringtone Customization 

Every smartphone comes with a set of ringtones. There are iconic ones that come with certain phone brands. Meanwhile, others are set at default. The good thing is, you can always download good ringtone apps.

There are no two same ringtone apps. Some are free, while some need monthly payments. Most prefer putting their phones on vibrate because it is less inconspicuous that way. However, busy people set ringtones on theirs. Some even assign a ringtone to certain people on their contacts list.

But if you don’t like the free ringtones on your smartphone, there are several apps available that allow you to compose. Some will even let you cut, mix, and edit your ringtones. These apps are ideal for users who would like unique ringtones!

 Changeable Icons

It is given that you can create separate app folders for easy access. You can even rename the said folders to make sure you don’t confuse them with others. But it’s true that your phone’s existing icons can be boring. Not everyone likes to see the default app logo all the time.

Contrary to what people believe, you can change the icons of the apps you are using. You can further personalize your smartphone by downloading icon packs. Some like theirs with pink hearts, while others prefer themes based on their favorite shows or cartoon characters.

Once you change the icons, your smartphone will not feel like a stranger anymore. It will truly become yours because the icons are now the things that you like or fit your aesthetic.

 Useful Widgets

It is easy to confuse widgets with apps. After all, they look and function the same. But unlike apps, widgets are already included on your phone. It cannot always be deleted. That doesn’t mean that you cannot choose which widgets to put on your smartphone.

What some people do not know is that widgets act like extensions for apps. While apps can do multiple things at once, widgets can’t. Some widgets will help you effectively schedule and organize affairs. On the other hand, some widgets will help you with the weather report. Another interesting widget will help you list down the things you need to do for the day.

Don’t let widgets become the unwanted apps most people think they are. There are ways to make your chosen widgets interesting and useful for your lifestyle.

 Wallpaper Selections

Wallpapers don’t need to be drab. Sure, you can use your selfie to set it as yours. At times, it may not be fun and it could be quite predictable. But don’t let that discourage you because you can always make your own!

Some apps allow you to edit and add details to your photos. On these apps are a wide variety of wallpapers you can choose from. Other apps even let you make your own wallpapers.

Personalizing your wallpaper is something every smartphone user does. It reflects who or what the person cares about. Not only that, it makes looking at your phone more exciting.

 Downloadable Themes

Most smartphones and apps come with themes that are either light or dark. In some cases, these free themes are a combination of colors and patterns. Despite the varied selection, it is not something users always prefer. They use it because it comes free with the phone.

You can start by downloading an app and choose themes that will further personalize your smartphone. Most people choose their favorite color when it comes to setting the theme on their smartphones. Meanwhile, others prefer their favorite characters.

Despite smartphones offering limited themes, it is always better to find one you prefer. These themes will take your smartphone to a whole level of customizing and making it truly yours.

 Mobile Games

Some say there are better ways to spend time than playing games. But don’t let others tell you what to do. After all, games have been proven to improve one’s mind and hand-eye coordination.

Choosing games should be easy. It should be something you both enjoy and learn. You can go for puzzles or word games that you find exciting. Otherwise, you may opt for adventure games that you find fun. You could also follow the recent trends of playing games and earning money simultaneously. All these you can do with a reliable smartphone.

 App Security

Securing your smartphone will take more than creating a complicated pattern. Number passcodes are not as safe either. This is why losing your phone can put you and your data at risk.

You can start by securing the apps on your smartphone. With just a fingerprint or perhaps a Face ID, you can secure your banking and transaction apps. You can also do this with other apps that contain sensitive information. Another way to secure your smartphone is by installing a tracking app.


Making a phone truly your own seems like a stretch. It’s more than just buying it and using it as there are plenty of ways to personalize your smartphone. Whether you choose to put pretty wallpapers or change each app’s notification sound is entirely up to you. 

After all, it is one of the many ways in customizing your smartphone so that it will fit your taste and lifestyle. To find ways to secure and personalize your smartphone, be sure to check out CellularNews.com!

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