Phone Repair for iPhone in Singapore

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Phone Repair for iPhone

iPhones have grown extremely popular because of their yearly new design releases, as well as the unique and high quality of its features. However, iPhones have a reputation for being fragile, especially when it comes to the battery and LCD screen. Redwhitemobile offers the Best iPhone repair in Singapore as this shop is skillful, experienced, and professional.

Some iPhone users have a hard time when their phone starts to have problems. But, you don’t have to stress out yourself anymore because I’ll give you lots of information on iPhone repair. Just make sure you finish reading this article since you could miss out on some important information that will assist you in correctly handling your iPhone if it malfunctions. Let’s get started!

Singapore’s Apple Smartphones Price List – 2022

In Singapore, the iPhone is growing at a fast pace, especially because Apple released a new model in 2021. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most recent iPhone pricing list in Singapore. If you’re going to buy a new iPhone rather than having your old one fixed, this might be a helpful guide.

iPhone Model Price as of February 2022
iPhone 12 

 (Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White)

$ 1,149.00$ 1,389.00
iPhone 12 Pro 

 (Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, Silver)

$ 1,553.78$ 2,149.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max 

 (Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue, Silver)

$ 2,092.92$ 2,276.68
iPhone 13 

 (Blue, Midnight, Pink, Red, Starlight)

$ 1,270.00$ 1,740.00
iPhone 13 Pro 

 (Gold, Graphite, Sierra Blue, Silver)

$ 1,610.00$ 2,364.44
iPhone 13 Pro Max 

 (Gold, Graphite, Sierra Blue, Silver)

$ 1,799.00 –  $ 2,610.00 

Common iPhone Issues

Despite being the most popular phone on the market, the iPhone has a number of issues, particularly when it is somewhat old. However, some of these issues are minor and may be resolved without the need for a mobile technician’s assistance. To act as your guide, you just need to be more cautious and read or watch a lot of tutorials. Following that, here are a few of the most frequent iPhone problems you may be currently experiencing that may be quickly resolved.

iPhone is slow

It’s common for your iPhone to start running slowly if it’s already pretty old. Perhaps you just have a lot of apps, photos, and other data on your iPhone, which is causing it to slow down. But don’t panic; you can still speed things up by deleting some of the photos or applications you don’t use any longer. To sum it up, be cautious with your iPhone’s storage space to avoid problems like these.

iPhone is Stuck at Apple Logo 

I’ve personally experienced this already and I understand how you got stressed about it as well. This is one of the most common problems that a large number of iPhone users deal with. Luckily, this issue may be resolved without the need for a mobile technician. All you have to do now is look for a YouTube tutorial on how to fix it. Don’t worry, it won’t harm your iPhone and you’ll be able to do it on your own. To give you a heads up, most methods will require you to hard reset your device by simultaneously pressing the volume and home buttons on your iPhone until the Apple logo appears.

WiFi is Not Getting Connected

If you’re having this problem, don’t get too worked up about it because it’s simply a small iPhone issue. There’s no precise reason why this is happening in iPhones, but it might be a sign that your device is decelerating. Going back, if this happens to you, simply restart your iPhone and you’ll be able to connect your device to the WiFi. 

iPhone App Freezing/Crashing Randomly 

This common iPhone problem might occur even if you have the most recent iPhone model. This is most commonly caused by an outdated application, therefore be sure to constantly update your apps in the App Store to avoid this problem.

Rapid Battery Drain

As I previously stated, iPhones are known to be fragile, particularly when it comes to the battery. The best solution here is to switch off all of your unneeded applications and charge your iPhone before it reaches 20% battery life. You can avoid this problem if you’re a responsible user, and your battery will be alright.

Tips for Troubleshooting All iPhone Models

If there is a problem, there will, of course, be solutions. Even if your iPhone isn’t having any problems right now, you should start learning how to troubleshoot. It’s actually a good idea to be prepared with this type of information since it will help you keep calm if your phone starts not to work properly. With that, here are some easy and handy tips and tricks that can fix common iPhone problems.

Restart Your iPhone

Is your iPhone lagging or crashing all the time? When your iPhone is not working properly, this is the simplest and safest way you can do. It will not affect your phone in any way. So, if your phone starts to have problems, this method should always be your first choice.

Update Your Apps

If a certain app on your iPhone continues to lag or crash after you’ve tried the first option, it’s possible that you just failed to update it in the App Store. Did you know that every app on our phone or tablet has to be updated on a regular basis? Because if an app is already outdated, it will certainly stop working on our smartphone.

Update IOS

Your IOS, like the applications, needs to be updated. Some of the most prevalent problems with iPhones may be attributed to an outdated IOS. As you can notice, whenever IOS releases a new software update, it will immediately notify and advise you that you need to update your device. If you fail to do so, some features and applications on your smartphone will become incompatible.

Check for Dirt

If you’re experiencing problems in regards to charging your iPhone, maybe your charging port is the problem. Always keep an eye out for filth, dust, and other dirt that has accumulated within your iPhone’s charging port.

Check Battery Usage

As I’ve said, the iPhone’s battery is really fragile, especially if you’re a heavy user. If your device’s battery drains pretty fast, you can try to figure out which program is causing it. Go to Settings > Battery to check which apps consume the most battery life. You may glance at the charts at the bottom for an overview of app battery use over time.

Background Permissions Should Be Removed

You won’t be able to use features like the camera flash if your smartphone becomes too hot. In some situations, you may not be able to use your phone until it cools down completely. Therefore, if you left your phone in the sun unintentionally, it’s easy to figure out who’s to blame. A running background app, on the other hand, may be caused if it overheats often during regular use.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and slide the toggles on a per-app basis as needed to prevent apps from running in the background.

iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement

Dropping our phone by accident is a big headache for us all, especially if the screen is smashed or damaged. When the screen is the one that has already been damaged, it is both sad and stressful.

Obviously, the best choice for bringing your iPhone’s screen back to normal and preventing it from getting worse is screen repair and replacement. It’s the safest option if it’s done by a skilled and trustworthy mobile technician.

You won’t have to spend too much time looking for a good screen repair and replacement store in Singapore because there are numerous reliable and trusted iPhone repair shops that offer high-quality yet affordable iPhone parts.

Is it worth repairing my iPhone screen?

To be honest, it’s a 50/50 dilemma. Yes, getting your iPhone fixed in Singapore is worth it, but the extent of the damage to your screen must be considered as well. That’s why you should think about it more.

Nonetheless, screen repair services are actually the best option since they save consumers time and money as well. In most circumstances, an affordable screen repair in Singapore may prolong the life of your smartphone by many months or even years. Now Apple has allowed phone repair shops to conduct repairs on cracked iphones screens. 

Is repairing an iPhone worth it?

Repairing your iPhone in Singapore is well worth the money. The majority of repair shops in Singapore offer a professional and skilled staff that will fix your iPhone and never take advantage of your money. You will undoubtedly receive what you have paid for!

However, it still depends on the case or issue with your iPhone. Allow yourself to make the decision. Because even mending your iPhone is worthwhile, especially in Singapore, but if it appears that you will be better off buying a new one, I would recommend doing so.

Phone Repair for iPhone

In our everyday lives, our phones play an important role. That’s why, when we found something wrong with it, we wanted to solve it right away. So, here is the list of iPhone repair parts price list.

iPhone Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 $25
iPhone SE $28
iPhone 6 $28
iPhone 6s Plus $28
iPhone 7 Plus $28
iPhone 8 $28
iPhone XR $55
iPhone XS Max $55
iPhone 11 $58
iPhone 12 Pro $88


Phone Screen + LCD Replacement
iPhone 5s $65
iPhone SE 2020 $65
iPhone 6 $55
iPhone 6s Plus $80
iPhone 7 Plus $80
iPhone 8 $85
iPhone X $150
iPhone XS Max $185
iPhone 11 Pro Max $285
iPhone 12 $335


iPhone Glass Crack Replacement
iPhone 5c $45
iPhone SE  $45
iPhone 6 Plus $50
iPhone 6s $50
iPhone 7 $60
iPhone 8 Plus $65
iPhone X $95
iPhone XS $95
iPhone 11  $95
iPhone 12 Pro Max $225


Being an iPhone user is a real struggle, especially if you’ve already encountered some of the phone’s common issues. You may, however, prevent some of these issues if you are a responsible user. Overall, I hope this article has given you additional insight into how to correctly handle your iPhone if you have any issues with it. If you have any more questions, please post them in the comments section below, and I will do my best to address them.

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