How to Play Cold War Multiplayer Modes

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Cold War Multiplayer Modes

Call Of Duty comes in a wide range of classic multiplayer modes. Each of them has different titles. Some casual modes like Free For All and Deathmatch and some highly competitive modes like Hardpoint and Domination are engaging and fun. It offers players a unique experience. 

Before you jump into any of these modes, you should know more about these modes. Knowing how to play will help you to survive the game longer. In this article, you will find effective playing strategies which will enhance your understanding of all Cold War multiplayer modes. 

Different multiplayer modes and how to play those

1. Deathmatch

Each team will try to score a certain number of kills in this mode by shooting the opponents. Deathmatch is one of the most popular modes, the least complex one. With each kill, your team wins a point, and when a team member dies, the opponent team scores a point. 

The only objective in Deathmatch is Killing the enemies, and you get unlimited respawns. For new players, this is the best mode. You can practice your shooting skills and test your skills before you jump into a fast-paced competitive mode.

2. Kill confirmed

Kill Confirmed is almost like Deathmatch, but whenever someone gets killed in this mode, a dog tag is dropped, which you need to collect for earning a point. 

Your team has to collect a certain amount of dog tags for winning. To cause hindrance for your opponents, you can stall their dog tags. 

Because players have to collect these tags, each match takes longer. For unlocking weapons and attachments, this mode is beneficial.

3. Domination

In this mode, your team will fight with other teams to complete three objectives to win the match. You have to stand near your aim for 10 seconds to claim it. As long as you maintain your control over the objective, you will get rewards. 

When you are controlling more than one objective, you earn points faster. So, always try to secure two flags at a time.  You can also get three flags at once, but this is not recommended. If enemies capture your home flag, you must secure your other home flag to maintain control over the objective. 

Gaining control and losing the goal will constantly happen, so never feel discouraged when you lose your purpose. To know more about such modes, visit Aimclub.

4. Hardpoint

In this mode, your team has to control a specific area that will rotate every 60 seconds. One member of your team has to stand in the area to earn points. The enemies will block you from earning points by standing close to your objective area. This mode is very competitive as each team will fight for the same area. 

Players will use different tactics to distract and cause damage to the opponents. Here, teamwork is crucial as you can only secure the target area together. If you want to score well in this mode, keep some team players in this Hardpoint while other members can kill the enemies before they reach the area. Remember that your target area will rotate, so understanding this rotation pattern is also important. 

5. Hardcore

In Hardcore mode, your health bar will be lowered and most of the HUD will be removed. Only one or two shots can kill you so survival in this mode is very difficult. But killing enemies also becomes a bit easier here. 

6. Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

This is a newly introduced mode in the Cold War. There will be team teams, each consisting of four members. Each team will try to find uranium and detonate bombs scattered around the map. 

The first team scoring 500 points wins. You will land on the map by a parachute. You must work with your team to find dirty bombs on the map. Always avoid radioactive gas, which may kill you eventually.

7. VIP Escort

One player is the VIP in this mode, and his other teammates will escort him to an extraction zone. The other team tries to kill the VIP. You can revive the VIP for a short time and save your game. 


These are all the popular modes of the Cold War. Each mode is unique and will teach you something new. You may face defeats at the beginning but do not give up. Mastering these modes may take some time but use this article as your guide. When you understand the objective of each mode, you can make successful strategies. So, keep playing and keep enjoying.

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