Quick Guide in Converting JPG to PDF Files Using PDFBear

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Files initially in JPG format are hard to manipulate. Access to software that will be converting JPG to PDF files is not widely accessible. The good thing with PDFBear, they offer this kind of service for free and is very easy to use with just quick steps.

Moreover, PDFBear can also convert different images in various formats such as GIFs, TIFFs, BMPs, PBMs, and PNGs. Having access to this kind of website for free is very beneficial and makes our tasks hassle-free.

Converting JPG to PDF Files
Converting JPG to PDF Files

Convert Files From JPG to PDF With PDFBear

You do not have to think about relying on apps and other online resources that this kind of service appears to give. Some of them require charges and even excessive membership or subscription. When converting JPG to PDF, refrain from giving in to these alternatives. With PDFBear, you can convert JPG to PDF 100 percent free with no subscriptions required.

You can always use PDFBear’s JPG to PDF converter online and convert jpg files instantly even if you’re at work, which requires you to be efficient for a short period, or at school where you need to submit an urgent project, or at home. PDFBear offers this service online and does not require downloading specific software, saving storage on your PC.

PDFBear is accessible on any desktop, laptop, or smartphone that runs on Windows or Mac operating systems and smartphone operating systems such as Android or iOS, free to use in any of the platforms mentioned.

The latest technologies and SSL encryption are present in PDFBear. So, it is guaranteed that your images are protected and can be uploaded with peacefulness into the website. The platform is straightforward that you can easily navigate and upload files you want to convert to pdf.

How to Convert JPG to PDF With PDFBear?

With its straightforward website design, people from every generation can quickly and effortlessly navigate through the platform. There are only simple steps to follow if you want to convert a jpeg file to pdf.

An essential step in converting your file is by uploading the desired image to the converter. It is enclosed in a rectangle frame on the website; it has a blue label with a context; select a file or drop a file to upload. You can do either of the following options according to your convenience.

After that, wait for a few minutes for the image file to process completely. While waiting, it will suggest you a premium upgrade for faster processing, which you may do if you use PDFBear regularly.

You will then be shown with the image you uploaded and be given an option to choose the size of paper either in A4 or U.S. letter size; you may opt to select auto if you wish to. It is best to choose the paper size according to your need. There is also an option to change the PDF file orientation, either in landscape or portrait.

You can also do changes in the margin before converting the jpg file to pdf. Options such as choosing margins, either big or small, are available. There is no specific dimension provided so you can test it out accordingly. After customizing your file, you can now create a pdf file for it, which will be given to you via a link that you can copy or by downloading it.

Accessibility to Other File Format 

There are also different ways to have access to the converted jpg file, such as by choosing to share the converted file through email, merging it with other pdf files you have randomly, compress it to a zip file, or even quickly convert it to a word file. PDFBear gives you a lot of options to work on for free.

Why Should You Use PDFBear?

The most significant advantage of PDFBear is its free to use platform. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on monthly subscriptions. However, they will give you the liberty to upgrade to premium to provide faster results and more advanced features without compromising the free version’s quality.

PDFBear is a very flexible platform that offers different ways to manipulate your file. You can use it to convert a file to pdf from other original files such as word, excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and jpg.

It has a straightforward design accessible to people from different age groups who want to be productive and have a hassle-free encounter with converting files; you can easily have an output within a few minutes.

It guarantees secured services by the encryption of SSL to their website. The public will not easily access all the files you will upload, including the most sensitive ones, and won’t be vulnerable to hackers since it will be automatically deleted after uploading.

PDFBear is a believer of honest and quality service; it is not a clickbait that will eventually prompt you to have a subscription first before getting access to the file you converted. Even though PDFBear has ads, it does not allow pop-up ads, which can be very inconvenient.


PDFBear is a risk-free online platform that is dedicated to providing quality service for everyone. Use PDFBear to convert files quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, your original file will be converted to any format you want.  Try it out for all your PDF needs and you won’t have to worry about file conversions anymore!

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