As Pi Day approaches, here’s how Raspberry Pi enthusiasts could celebrate it

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Raspberry Pi enthusiasts

Are you a mathematics or computer enthusiast? Well, you have probably heard about Pi Day! Pi is the overall ratio of the circumference of a circle. The holiday is specifically designed to celebrate this constant figure within the world of mathematics. Many people enjoy Pi-related fun on this day. However, you should also consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi computer to appreciate the number 3.14 in all its glory. Here are some ways that a Raspberry Pi enthusiast could celebrate Pi Day to the fullest extent. 

What is a Raspberry Pi computer?

Originally created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Raspberry Pi computers are there to support people in learning the basics of programming and coding. That way buyers can take these skills and move them to different mediums, including hardware, robotics, automation, industrial projects and edge computing. In some cases, programmers may even be able to use the skills they have learned to engage in 3D printing. That means that there are more possibilities for hobbyists and engineers to engage in new projects and create printed machines.

Raspberry Pi computers are great for learning about the Internet of Things (IoT) and electronical components. It can run on Linux and provides general purpose input/output (GPIO) to allow you to take more control of your projects. You will also have access to an open-source platform to learn more about software and the undertakings of other programmers.

  • Celebrating Pi Day: Creating 3D print-outs

If you’re feeling creative, and have got the right tools from The Pi Hut to start your project, why not have some fun with some 3D printing? You could print out a big statue of the symbol Pi and then either fill it with its own numbers or perhaps print out the numbers alongside it. You can then paint the printed statue and then send it out for others to see on your social media pages. It’s the perfect thing to do if you have an engineering company that wants to improve its social media marketing, or perhaps could even stand as a pretty ornament on your desk or in your room. Either way, it’s a great way to show off your love of mathematics.

  • Celebrating Pi Day: Pi Robots

Of course, you don’t just have to create a stationary homage to Pi. Instead, you could take it a step further and create a robot in the shape of Pi. This robot could be remote-controlled and able to move with the help of wheels. Make sure to record it in action to show off your robotics skills. You may even want to include some audio of a Pi song or have it record you saying the number yourself. 

  • Celebrating Pi Day: Blinking LEDs

If you are an engineer, you don’t have to make things complicated to celebrate Pi Day. You may just want to make a quick project with flashing lights/LEDs that can spell out the number or show the symbol. This is quick and effective project creation at its best. 

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