4 Steps to Remove PDF Pages Using PDFBear

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Acrobat developed the Portable Document Format or PDF in 1993. Since then, it has undergone different modifications or changes but remains one of the most preferred, highly efficient, and accurate formats. However, users may want to delete pages from PDF. 

Remove PDF Pages
Remove PDF Pages

The need to delete pages may happen due to several reasons. Among them is erroneous or inaccurate content. After all, whatever the details or information written in a PDF file is entered by the user. As they say in any computer application, devices, or computer process- it is always garbage in, garbage out.  

Users may also want to delete or remove pages from PDF because of duplication, hide confidential data, and many other important reasons. Read this article, 4 Steps to Remove PDF Pages Using PDFBear, and learn the easiest way of deleting pages from PDF. 

How do you remove pages from PDF? 

PDFBear provides solutions for the removal or deletion of pages from your PDF file. The delete pages from PDF tool on PDFBear is fast and easy. Follow these steps and experience what this online tool is all about.  

Step One: Search PDFBear on your browser.  

Step Two: Click the All Tools icon and select Delete PDF Pages.  

Step Three: Hit Upload a file, or you may choose Drag & Drop. Whichever you select, the tool will upload the file in seconds. Enter the page/s you want to erase. PDFBear will delete these pages immediately. 

Step Four: When PDFBear is finished with your file, you may now save it. The tool gives you options for saving and downloading the edited document. One option is to click Download and save the file on your computer. Another option is to share the file with Google Drive or Dropbox.  

Now, you can open your computer and start deleting pages from the PDF. For sure, you will be finished ahead of your expected time and have more room for accomplishing other tasks on your to-do list.

Why is PDFBear a wise choice over other online tools?  

1. No Complications  

Are you worried about being overwhelmed by processes? Well, you do not need to be anxious. PDFBear won’t add complications to your busy day. It provides easy-to-follow steps for deleting pages from PDF. With 3-4 steps, you’ll have some pages removed from your file. You do not need to download unique apps. Indeed, it is a hassle-free, user-friendly, and time-saving online utility.  

2.Compatibility Feature  

PDFBear works on all kinds of platforms and devices. You can open it on any internet browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, etc.  Access this online tool using Windows, Linux system, or Mac and also with your Android device.  

3.Extreme Security and Privacy Policy 

The site provides the highest level of security and privacy for all users. It firmly upholds its security and privacy policy. As a result, it created a system for making sure that it can attain confidentiality of information.  PDFBear removes your files an hour after the link has been created for download access.  

4.An All-in-One Tool  

Do you need conversion, repair, or modification for your files? You can find all you need at one stop. PDFBear offers more than 25 tools for your documents. 

5.Enjoy It for Free!  

How much will delete pages from PDF cost? None. You do not need to spend money. PDFBear offers online utility tools for free.   Unless you sign for a Pro account, you will not be charged for using this site.  Why would you want to sign up for a Pro account? Well, it will allow you to enjoy and access more incredible features of PDFBear.  

Use these Tools from PDFBear  

If you wonder what other things PDFBear has in store for you, here is a short breakdown of these tools.  

1.Conversion Tools 

You may convert various kinds of files into different formats. This conversion feature includes a word file to PDF and vice versa, change PDF to an image file, conversion of JPG to PDF. With PDFBear, you can also convert HTML to PDF.  

2. Repair a Corrupted or Damaged PDF  

The site does not only help you transform or convert files. Another essential feature or tool it has is repairing your corrupted/damaged file. It is a dilemma when your file suddenly lost some data. Sometimes it becomes filled with characters that do not mean anything at all.  

PDFBear got your back! It will fix and recover data from your damaged document. It uses a built-in PDF repair kit and will try its best to retrieve data.  Though a 100 percent recovery is not promised, you can assure that PDFBear will give you the best result possible.  

3. Merge and Split PDF  

To merge PDF means you can make multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. You can also change the order of files to be combined. Splitting, on the other hand, means the tool will extract specific pages to create a new PDF document or divide a PDF into individual one-pagers copies.  

4.Sign Your File 

Add your signature through PDFBear’s e-Sign feature. There are options available for this on the site.  

5.Watermark Feature  

If you want to protect your file from possible unauthorized sharing or use, you can put a watermark over your PDF. You can customize the transparency and typography.  

6.Compress File Size of PDF 

Reduce files using PDFBear so you can share them easily. The site also allows you to select the compression level you prefer. 


Deleting pages from PDF should not be a long and challenging process. Moreover, tools for editing files should be easy and accurate. Of course, it is better if they are for free. But getting a tool for an affordable price is also a great deal. PDFBear is the answer to all of these concerns.  With the growing number of online tools available, it is the most comprehensive and convenient tool to use.  There is no room for complications; in just a few clicks, stable internet connection, and a few seconds to wait, you can have an edited version of your file.  

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