7 Safe Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary During A Pandemic

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Safe Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary During
Safe Ways to Celebrate

Living under extraordinary times like today makes everyone stop and think about the things that truly matter to them, which are their family and friends. Lovers and married couples today face different obstacles as the world faces a public health crisis. Couples who are away from each other rely on the digital space just to stay connected. Every day, we worry about the welfare of our significant other. Here, you can get the information about Safe Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary during.

The least we could do is observe Health Care protocols and wait until things get better and safer. Despite these, just the mere fact of staying together is already worth celebrating. Do you want to take a breather and just celebrate moments with your significant other? A global pandemic should not hinder you from cherishing your loved one. Here are some tips for celebrating your anniversary, COVID-19-safe.

1. Send a fancy gift

Our mobility today is relatively controlled compared to the time before the pandemic. We are advised to stay in our homes as much as we can. So we can make our celebrations just as special, we can get a fancy gift for our partners. This gift will make up since you cannot celebrate the event as grand as you would, had there been no pandemic. Good thing, reliable online shops today are available to bring you the best goods for your loved one.

If you intend to really give the best gift, choosing a luxury watch will be perfect. Luxury watches are valuable because they are made by the best watchmakers in the industry. It is carefully engineered, so it could last for a long time. You can choose the best brands such as Rolex or Omega. Omega has its sophisticated collection called the Seamaster which has been popular for watch lovers.

2. Send them the celebration

For those who are apart from their partners, you can send them the celebration for your anniversary by ordering food for them! You might be apart, but you can still send your love to your significant other with the feast you are about to send. By sending them the party to their homes, you also get to share the good cheer brought by celebrating this milestone. You can send delicious food, cakes, and even balloons and confetti! In case you are together with your partner but would want to celebrate your anniversary with close friends and family, you can also send them delicious food. This way, you also share with them your happiness and blessings.

3. Schedule a video call

This will be more fun if there is also good food to share virtually. We suggest that once you have sent the food to your family and friends online or you can also schedule a group video call or just a virtual hangout for you to catch up, have fun, and party in the safest way possible. If you want to be more exclusive with your partner, then you can also schedule a virtual dinner with them. Today, social media offers lots of platforms and ways for us to connect to our loved ones. Just make sure that you will also be conscious about choosing the safest platform possible.

4. Schedule a virtual drinking party

If there is one thing that a lot of us have missed during the pandemic, it is to share drinks and get drunk without the fear of catching the virus. We miss interacting freely with everyone without having to mind the safety protocols. Today, we can still improvise and hold a drinking party with our friends! Plan with them the best time for you to have all the drinks and food ready in their respective homes. During the virtual hangout, you will all drink and have fun together. This way, you can still have hearty conversations with the thrill of the influence of good drinks. You can also have this kind of party during your anniversary.

5. Set up a backyard theatre

Another thing that we all miss is going to our favorite movies. Today, most, if not all movie theaters are closed down because the virus becomes more contagious in cramped and air-conditioned spaces like movie theatres. If you cannot go to the theatre, then you can hold your own theatre in your backyard for extra drama! Set up a projector, put up a tent or a blanket where you can sit or lie down, and watch your chosen film on a big screen! Prepare delicious food for you to munch on while enjoying the movie. You can also make this more romantic by setting up candles or Christmas lights. Have lots of pillows around you, so you can be more comfortable.

6. Hold a feast

Simply put, just eat good food and enjoy each other’s company! Make your anniversary simple, but special by preparing fancier food together. The thrill in this activity also lies in the both of you having to prepare your own food and putting in more effort to have a simple feast to celebrate at home.

7. Organize a fundraiser or donation drive

Since each day is becoming harder not just for us but also (and especially) for other people who are less fortunate than us, what better way to celebrate than sharing your blessing to those who need it the most? You can celebrate by organizing a fundraiser for your chosen beneficiary. You can also set up a donation drive and give goods to the homeless.

Stay connected

Here are just some ideas we can think of on how you can celebrate your anniversary with your partner and with your close family and friends amid the pandemic. Now that we are facing a big challenge in our lives, everyone must stay connected and be a solid support system. Be there for each other and check in on all your loved ones once in a while. Asking your friend how they are doing and listening to them may just be a small gesture, but to them, it can already mean a big thing.

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