How to Screen Record on LG G9 ThinQ (Step By Step Guide)

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LG G9 ThinQ comes with a Modular design. LG came with many new designs and flagship device line. The phone is coming with sixteen rear cameras and the patent is just registered. It is not confirmed yet that coming LG Phones will have how many numbers of cameras. LG V40 has a triple rear camera with South Korean Version. The most important issue LG users usually face screen recording. They are worried about the screen record on LG G9 ThinQ. We have come with an amazing guide to teach you how you can Record Screen on your brand New amazing phone.

Why Is There Need to Record Screen – LG G9 ThinQ

Record Screen is necessary when you want to make some useful tutorials on your Android phone. Whenever you want to share a review of any Applications or game from a mobile phone. Moreover, if you are working as a YouTuber and provide Android tutorials then, of course, you need the Video recording from your Android phone.

It is so frustrating for Android users. They don’t know which app to install in their smartphones to record screen. Similarly, Lg G9 ThinQ users also make it difficult to record Screen on LG G9 ThinQ. Here in this Guide, we will share 2 ways to record screen from Using App and Manually.

If you are using youtube and want to record a certain clip from youtube then you can record clip using the screen recorder.

 How to Record Screen on LG G9 ThinQ

There are many applications are available on the play store which help the LG users to record screen and one of the advantages of using this application is this is secure and more robust. AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best record screen recorders which helps you to record screen at any time.

The foremost application on the play store of LG devices which you can easily Install as you install other apps on your LG G9 ThinQ.

Features of AZ Recorder – How Does It Work

There is no time limit for this application and no watermarks when you have done the recording. The app is simple to use. There is no rocket science behind this.

  • Go to Playstore > Search “AZ Recorder”
  • Install on Your LG G9 ThinQ.
  • Open the installed application from the Android Home Screen.
  • Click on Start Recording.
  • Once done. Tap on the Stop recording.
  • The recording will save in the gallery.
  • Now you can move the recording from LG G9 ThinQ to PC.
  • You can also do anything with the recording.

Features of Lg G9 Screen Recorder

The logo of the application will keep overlaid on the screen. You can also remove by dragging the logo from mid or top position to down and it will disappear.

There are many options available in the AZ recorder. You can capture the screen image. If you want to start recording then, of course, you can start. By swiping down, you can easily stop the recording at any time.

There is a floating button and you can easily enter into the settings.

Hit the Gear Shaped Icon on the AZ Recorder and there you will see many aspects of video quality and start recording. You can select any video quality before starting the recording.

The app has the ability to record screens from other LG Phones as well. For example, you can also record the screen on LG Stylo 5 using this application.

Draw, Edit, Cut on the Screen

This application has some minor editing tools and you can easily draw on the LG G9 ThinQ. You can draw on the screen while recording and this option is recommended for professionals who make an informational or educational video.

You can also Edit the Video from the basic settings. Moreover, a cut option is also available, if you want to cut any scene from the recording you can easily do.

Method#2 – Screen Recorder By Kimcy929

This is another application available on the Playstore and you can easily get this application from the app store and install it in your Lg G9 ThinQ. The app is easy to use and will not take your a lot of time. We highly recommend getting the paid version only if you are creating a professional video for educational purposes. Otherwise, if you want to record normal video recording on LG G9 then sure you can go ahead for the free version.

Final Words on Screen Recording

We have shared 2 applications with you Kimcy929 and AZ Screen recorder. Both the applications are free to use but for more features, you can get the paid version also. There are millions of users with a positive rating for these screen recording apps for LG G9.

If you face any issue you can write to us and leave a comment.

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