Best Streaming Services for all Major League Sports

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Major League Sports


With traditional TV subscriptions undergoing a total overhaul, accessing certain programs can be a headache at best. Streaming services of all varieties are branching out; Hulu, for example, now covers sports. Here we are introducing the details of Major League Sports.

For most sports fans, finding a channel, subscription, or streaming service that provides for all their sporting needs is nearly impossible. Most coverage tends to be fragmented and focused on a particular sport—though stalwarts like ESPN and Yahoo! Sports are looking to continue toeing this line.

At the moment, services like Fubo, YouTube TV, and Sling provide great options for streaming coverage that will touch on all the favorites, from the MLB to the NHL. Others, like ESPN+ (as mentioned above) and DirecTV Stream provide in-depth coverage for the world’s most varied sporting events

But what about fans that want to get really granular with their coverage? Keep reading for the absolute best streaming coverage for each of North America’s most popular sports leagues.

NFL, NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL’s most popular and granular coverage comes from DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket program. However, DirecTV is a satellite service, which doesn’t count as streaming. Those looking to stream directly to their device can instead use NFL Sunday Ticket’s streaming features. 

This works for both online and mobile devices via the NFL Sunday Ticket app. Though this doesn’t include international games, that’s not an issue for most fans. With US sports betting expanding each year, markets are becoming more specialized and varied.

For example, some sites cover specific regions, like AFC West division odds, as well as non-sports-related props, which cover the Super Bowl’s halftime performance or commercials. Looking ahead, live betting options are likely to see some NFL fans catch their games via sportsbooks, which provide live streams of games along with in-play options.

NHL, ESPN+ and NHL Live

NHL coverage is a bit more particular than the other leagues on this list; its market is smaller, which means broadcasting rights are affected. Those living in the US can find the best NHL coverage from ESPN+, while Canadians have access to the NHL’s own NHL LIVE. 

ESPN+ allows for live streaming via any device, which means that anyone with an ESPN+ subscription can access all live NHL games—from anywhere in the world. NHL LIVE works the same; though it’s not attached to a larger service like ESPN+, all users have to do is download the app to start streaming immediately.

Best Streaming Services for all Major League Sports


NBA, NBA League Pass

Like the NFL, the NBA has designed its own unique streaming service, called NBA League Pass. In fact, it was one of the first programs to include a VR streaming feature. Though the NBA has run into multiple glitches with the VR-capable streaming platform, it highlights the league’s interest in technology and streaming. 

Similar to NHL LIVE, the NBA’s League Pass can be downloaded to any device as an app. However, those looking to watch online will access games through Similar to the NBA’s foray into VR, the streaming service is incredibly varied, with multiple subscription tiers offered for viewers of all interest levels. These include an ‘8-game choice’ option, as well as a ‘team pass’, which lets viewers stream content from a single team.


The MLB has its own streaming service titled MLB.TV. However, this isn’t a full package like the other league-driven services on this list. In fact, MLB.TV is designed specifically for out-of-market games. This means that fans who don’t typically have access to certain games from their existing sports channel or subscription can use MLB.TV to watch games that aren’t available in their region. 

Though the MLB is now in talks to launch a nationwide streaming service, the best option for diehard baseball fans right now is to use Sling TV, then build out subscriptions that provide the best basketball coverage. For example, a Sling TV subscription combined with the Blue + Orange tier will provide sufficient coverage. Those looking for detailed coverage can also look into FOX channels (though these are often divided by region).

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