What Online Software Can Help Students Improve Their Academic Writing Skills

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Students Improve Their Academic Writing Skills

Students Improve Their Academic Writing Skills

Students often face the challenge of writing well for academic purposes. It is important to communicate effectively to succeed academically, but many students do not know how to start. Fortunately, several online software programs can help improve your academic writing skills and give you the confidence you need. This software can transform your writing and boost your grades. So let’s get started with our top 10 programs. 

Document Editors

The essay writing process is hard enough without worrying about formatting and spelling. Document editors are web-based software programs that help you take care of all these things for yourself. They are your online workbook, giving you the tools to make your writing more professional and polished.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best document editors available. It’s completely free, offers cloud storage, and is compatible with all devices. Documents created in Google Docs are easily shareable with other readers allowed access to the document. If you’re an essay writer, Google Docs can format your work according to any style guide you need. One of the best features is that it automatically saves all edits, so there’s no fear of losing a draft.

MS Word

Microsoft Word is still ranked among the best word processing software around. Microsoft Word is compatible with all Windows devices and offers many applications for free, such as Office Online. This timeless software stands out for simplicity and ease of use with added functionality and many add-ons and upgrades.

Grammar Checkers

Academic writing also needs to be grammatically sound. Grammar checkers are available for all software, including MS Word and Google Docs. You can also use an online grammar checker that allows you to upload your document for scanning through for errors.


Grammarly checks your writing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and validity. You’ll get immediate feedback and a detailed report highlighting the mistakes you’ve made for correction. You can use the free version, but the premium one gives you much better results.


While this software is excellent for fiction writing, it still packs some benefits for all types of writing, including academic one. It has been designed specifically for authors and provides suggestions as they work on their papers, making them more engaging and concise.

Plagiarism Detectors

The easiest way for any student to get into their professor’s nerves is to submit plagiarized work. Plagiarism detectors make sure that the work you submit is entirely original and well written. However, there is a catch: not all of them work well, and you need to be careful before choosing one.


Scribbr is a multifunction software you can use to proofread and edit your document and generate citations. In addition, this tool comes with an APA generator and plagiarism checker that gives some of the most accurate results. It generates a plagiarism report that shows where the text has been copied from. This way, you can use this information to improve your work and avoid getting penalized for plagiarism.


Many writers will agree that Quetext offers some of the best suggestions they have seen. This tool, which is available online, includes a monthly subscription fee and comes with a highly user-friendly interface. It takes up very few system resources while running. Quetext stands out for catching even the most minor similarities. 

Citation Generators

We all know how tedious writing bibliographies can get. The process of checking up on all the sources you have used, gathering them in one place, and then citing each reference is no easy task. As a result, many students tend to forget about it or leave it for later when they are running out of time. This can be highly detrimental to their academic performance as they are essentially plagiarizing. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: citation generators.


Any research paper, thesis, or dissertation will require dozens of references from previous studies and publications to be taken seriously by academic peers.

Zotero is an excellent citation generator that can simplify this process for you. It lets users save all their references without even having to leave their browser. This is because the software integrates into Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and has a stand-alone app.


Many students use this app to keep all their references organized and to help them find the correct citations for each source they use. Mendeley is a cloud-based app that allows users to save, manage, and automatically format bibliographies in just one click. If you’re looking for seamless citation, this is the way to go.

Readability Checkers

One thing that many students overlook is the readability of the content they are creating. Many sources students use for academic writing may be complicated to understand, so you must check your work using a readability analysis tool.

Using these tools can help identify sentences or phrases that contain overly complex words and sentence structures. This way, you will know what to change to make your writing more engaging and straightforward.

Many readability checkers are available online, so it’s just a matter of time before you find what works best for you. Here are some examples: 

Hemmingway App

This tool can highlight complex sentences or phrases within the text, which makes editing easier. It provides a rating for the text that cuts across various grade levels. This can help you determine what changes need to be made for your writing to be more accessible and easier in readers’ eyes. All levels below grade 9 are considered “easier,” while all levels above are considered more complex.


Readable is a tool that uses a formula generating a score between 0 and 100. A readability score of grade 8 means that the writing level of the text is readable by at least 85% of the population. The score can be used to aid students who need to improve their academic writing skills by offering them texts that are more accessible and easier to read.Academic Writing Skills

The bottom line

With the tools mentioned above, you can transform your academic writing skills and impress your professors. These software can make writing papers easier and more enjoyable by helping with spelling errors, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, article flow, and other common mistakes in writing. So take your time and find the tool that suits you and your college writing needs.

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