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Recently it was discovered that due to the pandemic COVID-19 the screen time, has been increased a lot since most of the people are doing their work from home and students have their online classes over their electronic devices, specially at night because of staying home the physical activity of the individual have been reduced for which most of the people find it difficult to sleep early on time, after going to bed it’s very important that people should avoid using the screen because scientifically it has been proven that the blue light which is radiated from the smart devices such as the mobile phone or laptops may cause a negative impact on people’s life because it can lead to sleep loss, because the electronic devices such as the smartphones, tablets and televisions they emit short waves which reduces the release of hormones such as melatonin which is a peptide hormone which helps in sleeping within a regular pattern otherwise the latter may suffer from insomnia, may have anxiety and may have dark circles if they do not get sufficient sleep.

People can also suffer from REM sleep which means that it is a rapid eye movement sleep due to excessively using electronic devices or having a habit of surfing over the web or social media before sleeping can lead to such problems, as it is said that bedtime usage of the mobile phones hamper the sleep quality among people and also reduces the potential health effects.

Most of the time, people check their messages, emails, or their SMS before sleeping; hence it is essential that right before sleeping, people must relax and prevent being exposed by the blue light and try to avoid being engaged over their smartphones or any other electronic appliances so that it will help them in getting a night of good sleep. To prevent any illness due to blue light, people should avoid sleeping with their smartphones around.


• Suffer from anxiety.

• Insufficient sleep duration.

• Lead to poor academic performance.

• Poor health

• May have difficulty remembering things.

• Tired

• Suffer from depression and psychological problems.

• The lower ability of learning.


• Avoid using screens before sleeping.

• Always keep your mobile phones away from where you sleep. 

• People should use glasses that block the blue light, which will help in shielding direct blue light into the eyes.

• Use night mode.

At times, it gets tough to choose the right bedsheet for your room, which will provide you comfort and match your requirements. Multiple materials are used for making sheets, like cotton, silk, and satin. But here comes the most popular variety of sheets which is Percale and Sateen.


TECHNOLOGY REDUCES THE SLEEP QUALITY: The term ‘Percale’ refers to the type of method used for making the bed sheet and the pillow covers or various other bedding accessories, which are mainly mixed with cotton materials. Still, at times they are combined with other fabrics like silk, rayon, etc.

It is made by weaving the fabric using the basic crisscross pattern, where the yarns are knitted one over another, making knots. These fabrics are pretty soft, and after the washes, it becomes softer, weaving a percale sheet of extra-long-staple long cotton fibers. Approximately a percale uses at least a 180 thread count. The quality of the percale bed sheets depends on the number of thread counts it is made up of. There are various types of percale sheets available where it is made out of long-staple cotton, organic cotton, and blended cotton.

One of the unique things about the Percale bed sheets is that it is pretty breathable, which allows the moisture to pass or transmit through the materials, this type of bedsheet is best suited for the people who like breathable sheets, and these are most preferred during the summer climates, as it is not suitable for winter climates.As Percale is wrinkle-prone, so the people should iron before using them for a better look for your room.

The Percale bed sheets are way too comfortable, light-weighted, crisp, and relaxed when touched, making them the best suitable for sleeping. The Percale bed sheets come in various aesthetic colors. Depending on your choice, they also come in a diverse range of designs, mostly in neutral and pastel tones or bright shades. These types of sheets are pretty durable even after multiple washes. The color of the material doesn’t get discolored or looks worn out, and it has a long life span compared to the bedsheets, which are made out of other fabrics.

As we all know that washing your bed sheet is inevitable, but when it comes to Percale sheets do not require regular people can quickly washing them manually or by using the using washing machine it can be easily washed using any of the methods at home and most of the time it does not require regular laundering, for its durability the drying of such bedsheets are more preferred over the sunlight instead using a washing machine, therefore to preserve the structure and for extending the lifetime of the bedsheets it most is washed sparingly.


• Standard types.

• Long-staple cotton.

• Extra Long durable cotton.

• Blended Percale.

• Organic cotton.


The Percale Sheets, made up of Egyptian cotton, are considered the best type of percale sheets that provide the best quality. Generally, a high-quality percale bed sheet lasts for at least five years, depending on the type of fabric used. The tight weaving, which is done using long materials, helps make these sheets more robust and enduring. So you should choose the Percale sheets if you are looking for a durable and highly affordable sheet.

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