Technology to get Excited for in 2022

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Tech companies have made big promises for 2022. We have seen a fair amount of what we can expect with great developments like self-driving vehicles, and the ‘metaverse’. Tech companies are looking to expand into more consumer-focused products like health-based wearable technology, smart home tech, and a further immersion into virtual and augmented reality. There will be even greater demand for IT support companies since more and more businesses will be looking to integrate technology into their day-to-day. We’ve compiled a list of tech developments we can keep an eye on in 2022. 

Electric Vehicles Becoming the Norm

Not all developing tech in 2022 is brand new. We’ve been seeing the growth of electric vehicles for years and in 2022, it is expected to become the norm. We’ve all seen electric vehicle charging stations being built in major cities all over the world. The first name that we think of when it comes to electric vehicles is Tesla, but other household names are now taking the leap. We’ve seen electric vehicles from brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford which makes them more accessible to the everyday consumer. 

There is also an even greater variety of options aside from the regular sedan. Ford is introducing their F-150 electric truck and Volkswagen is introducing their larger ID.4. Soon there will be an electric vehicle to suit any needs. 

A More Cohesive Smart-Home 

The term smart-home has been around for a while. It generally refers to tech-like smart-home-connected thermostats and light bulbs. These are useful but in 2022 we can expect a much more futuristic version. The large names in Big Tech have worked together to create a new smart home system called Matter. The main goal of Matter is to connect all of your smart gadgets to create a cohesive smart ecosystem. This is a development that was much needed since previously, it was near too impossible to connect devices or services from different brands. 

Tech will be simpler to repair 

We have come to rely on gadgets for almost every aspect of our lives. The problem arises when the gadgets we use the break. It is common knowledge that companies have previously made it fairly difficult for the everyday person to repair a tech issue, leaving many to rely on Managed IT support London Services for example if you are based in the UK, to repair any issue. This is slowly starting to change. 

Apple is one company that will be introducing a self-service repair program in 2022. This will give everyday people access to how-to guides and parts to fix their Apple products by themselves. Microsoft has also jumped on this bandwagon, and we can expect to see their roll-out by the end of 2022. Dell has developed its own take on this phenomenon with the introduction of a concept they call Luna. Luna makes use of a circular design, which looks like an everyday laptop but requires fewer internal screws and has been redesigned to be simpler to take apart making upgrades and repairs easier to do.

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Tech in the Medical Field 

There are so many wearable health-tracking devices available and these devices are getting more advanced by the day. They have gotten accurate enough that medical professionals have started using the data collected by these devices to monitor, diagnose, and treat health issues. There are wearables that track many health measurements including steps, calories, heart rate, sleep, and oxygen levels. Doctors have already been able to accurately diagnose heart conditions using data collected from Apple watches. We can expect to see wearables like rings to track your sleep and bracelets that can monitor your blood pressure. There are still many developments that need to be made, especially regarding privacy concerns but this will cause major development in the medical field. 

The Metaverse

Facebook has opened a whole new world since introducing us to the Metaverse. This is an online space that operates entirely in virtual reality. In 2022, we can expect to see the other Big Tech corporations joining the Metaverse. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are looking into producing their own metaverse operating systems and tech gadgets. There are also many start-ups that are looking to work entirely in the Metaverse using virtual reality. 

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