Ten Alternatives to Minecraft

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If you sincerely love Minecraft like millions of players around the globe, you may have spent hours on Insider Games in search of new reviews. Below in this article, we will cover the Ten Alternatives to Minecraft.

One of the most awaited games like Minecraft is Hytale. If you asked a question, “When will Hytale be released?”, we have the answer for you. Currently, the Hytale release date PC is 2021. Before you start exhausting your browser with another “Is Hytale out yet” request, check the list of the other ten cool alternatives to Minecraft. Sure, you can play them while waiting for the Hytale release. 

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Often called “Minecraft in 2D,” the gaming experience of Terraria is solely based on crafting, building, and surviving in a randomly generated world. 

In Terraria, the world functions in a day-and-night mode. Search for valuable items in the daylight. Build a fortnight and beware of monsters at night. 

Unusual trappings create a sense of adventure, while magic and fantasy creatures inspire the player to go deep into the caves. Once the player starts exploring the map, they can find surprising gifts and powerful monsters to combat.

Stardew Valley

Ten Alternatives to Minecraft
Ten Alternatives to Minecraft

Source: https://www.stardewvalley.net/ 

It’s the best indie role-playing game with sandbox features. Unlike Terraria or Space Engineers, Stardew Valley sends the player on a mission to upgrade an old farm and restore the Community Center. While collecting resources like wood, stones, and iron, the player is encouraged to become a part of the local community. Here get the information of top Ten Alternatives to Minecraft

Like Minecraft game, Stardew Valley has a variety of places to go. You can forage in the forest, fish in the sea, or rummage through your neighbor’s trash. Prefer combat? Dive deep into the lava caves.

With plenty of things to do, Stardew Valley is suitable for any taste. 


It’s a wonderful indie sandbox game. Eco is a great choice for players who want to learn about the impact modern heavy industrialization makes on the environment. Your mission is to help the natural world survive while building a civilization. 

The player starts with collecting resources from natural surroundings. Further, you can build a cabin and end up establishing a whole industry. 

The most thrilling part of the gaming experience is organizing elections to prevent natural destruction. 

You can also monitor the parts of the forest which you have destroyed and which should be restored.

Compared to Minecraft, it has better graphics


Trove is a game with a multiplayer mode. Featuring the vague story of the war between the sun and the moon, the game has all the classic RPG elements, including portals with dungeons and colorful characters wearing Viking helmets.

The variety of dungeon designs keeps the player engaged on all levels. The gaming cycles are repetitive. You enter the dungeon, kill the boss, grab the loot, and you are good to go. 

Colored voxels are the main feature that relates the game to Minecraft. 

If combat is not your gaming priority, you can always opt for crafting some original buildings. 

Space Engineers

Building machinery and exploring space are the main things that attract both Star Wars and Minecraft fans in Space Engineers. The game has an active modding community and an impressive player base, which allows you to use its multiplayer mode. You’ll never be alone on a server.

Space Engineers was designed to reflect the physics principles. Hence, piloting ships is the most exciting part of the game. The heavier the player’s ship is, the harder it is to pilot it. 

The equipment in the game was designed according to real space technology. For a superb visual experience, check the monitor Samsung G7 Odyssey review to ensure amazing immersion and well-detailed pictures of Space Engineers scenes. 

Vintage Story

Most of the game blocks in Minecraft are just square cubes with a certain texture painted over them. With a few notable exceptions (like railroads, maps, Redstone objects), the world is made of plain cubes.

Vintage Story breaks that rule and adds quite a bit of smoothness to its voxel engine. Small rocks look like small rocks, and clay pots look like pots and can be placed on the ground.

Vintage Story is reported by players to be more realistic than Minecraft in terms of what you can do. It emphasized survival mechanics (say, you can die from hunger).

Besides, it features immense depth in crafting and farming mechanics.


Obviously, a direct descendant from the original Minecraft, Minetest was never meant to be a completed game. Its creator focused on building a fast game engine on C++ and left the rest of the work to the community. So, the way the game looks right now is a set of mods merged into the core engine.

Letting the players who are proficient in game development add whatever content they want in the game has paid off. Now, everyone can enjoy deep, diverse gameplay. The abundance of mods allows the players to customize their experience and gaming difficulty.

On top of that, as an open-source project, the game is free.


Compared to Unturned, Minecraft is described as a game “for kids”. Some of the former Minecraft fans who are now in their 30s have found Unturned to be incredibly more content-rich.

When it comes to the variety of zombies (and ways to violently dispatch), weapons, and vehicles, Unturned really shines.

The unforgiving environment set in the post-apocalyptic world makes this game a true survival experience. Those who survive a couple of their first nights grow to like it more.


This one is often compared to No Man’s Sky because of the style of graphics. Fair enough! If you want to have a taste of Minecraft in space, check Astroneer out.

Dynamic mining and crafting are the mechanics that make Astroneer resemble Minecraft. The game is open-ended. When you’re done with the home planet, venture into the unknown on a rocket and find a new environment.

7 Days to Die

Even grimmer and more eerily realistic than Unturned, 7DTD is a regular 3D FPS game. It does feature a complex mining and construction system, but all the environment blocks are smoothed out, and building blocks come in a larger variety of shapes than in Minecraft.

Get to work on

  • ores, minerals;
  • physics-compliant buildings;
  • vehicles;
  • plants and cooking appliances;
  • traps and more!

7DTD also features a deep skill leveling system, thus acquiring an RPG flavor.

Choose a Minecraft alternative that best fits your character!

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