The Worst Link Building Practices to Avoid

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Links are essential to SEO because they enable search engines to discover new pages. Your SERP ranking will improve in no time with this method. Search engines index your page accordingly when reputable sources use your website to obtain information. Even though search engines’ algorithms are complex and continually evolving, backlinks remain crucial. 

Producing links in large numbers is easy, but they may not impact organic rankings. Investing in the wrong link-building practices will not yield the ROI your company needs. Backlinks, however, will allow a positive light to shine on you if done correctly. SEO relies heavily on quality backlinks. Every link-building agency will agree. Whenever possible, avoid the practices in this post. 

Insufficient or Poorly Structured Internal Links

Search engines need crawlers, or search bots, to index pages that contain content that you want to be found by them. They can do this only if it is linked. Although you do not need to link every page to every other page, you should have an interlinking structure and strategy to help it index your pages.

Crawlers use XML sitemaps to navigate your website and find new content. You can use sitemaps to tell search engines which pages are on your website. Web developers implementing Continuous Integration (CI) should update their sitemaps accordingly when they add new pages to their website directory.

Overuse of Exact Anchor Text

Overuse of exact anchor text by SEOs often results in a decrease in ranking. Anchor text refers to the clickable text used for hyperlinks. These links allow users to navigate a website’s internal and external pages. 

Hyperlinks usually appear as blue text underlined by hovering your mouse over them, but they can also occur as images. Overusing exact anchor text and not using variations of a focus keyword can backfire, even when the text matches the focus keyword exactly.

Two key reasons contribute to this.

  • When you use two anchor texts repeatedly, Google may view this spam. In turn, this may even lower the ranking of your page.
  • You may lose out on traffic from subsequent searches by missing keyword variations that cover a broader spectrum of search terms.

To spice things up, think creatively or use keyword research. Use different anchor texts every time. You might lose traffic because of it.To learn more about anchor text and its significance in SEO, visit this informative resource:

Link Building on Low-Quality Sites

Adding backlinks to thin, low-quality articles is another standard error when link building. The aim of link building should not just be to find authority and relevant sites. It is also essential to create content worthy of those backlinks.

Creating informative, clear, actionable, and helpful content for English-speaking internet users is an actual example. Getting backlinks begins with creating high-quality content. As a result, when you work with the Getmentioned agency, they’ll research the best high-quality content websites to link. 

Building Links Using One Strategy

Businesses need to focus on over one method for link building. Several link builders are unwilling to change their approach because they see solid results, others lack the resources or knowledge to consider other options, and the rest believe other techniques won’t work. Although some link-building methods are more effective, the best results often come from combining different approaches.

Suppose you’ve been guest blogging for a while and have done well so far with your project management tool. A combination of guest posting and outreach to get you listed and reviewed on websites that describe and review PM tools might cause you to get more leads and customers than you would get solely through guest posting. It is crucial to expand your reach if you have the resources to do so.

Not Creating Trendy Content

The internet is brimming with information. You won’t find all the content you’re looking for on the internet in the excellent category. Regardless of what you write, it’s best to make it different. Authenticity is critical when writing a post. You won’t have to worry about this if you stick to relevant topics. Create how-to guides that address issues people haven’t discussed or commonly don’t discuss. 

You can experiment with different content, such as infographics, lists, case studies, personal stories, and resources. Using imagery in text-centric content can make it more digestible and memorable. Imagery is the most critical factor in attracting links. An attractive graph with some information does not generate links. It would be best if you came up with something that surprises people. As soon as the infographic is ready, reach out to your outreach targets. 


Link-building tactics have a long history, which is worth understanding. Understanding how search engines use links is also essential. Businesses can avoid repeating past mistakes by knowing these worst link-building practices and tactics.

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