Time Tested Marketing tips from Eric Dalius that are beneficial for small businesses

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Time Tested Marketing tips
Time Tested Marketing tips

The biggest challenge for small business owners is to maintain high visibility of their business while staying updated with the constantly evolving time tested marketing tips and landscape that keeps throwing up new strategies, Google trends, and algorithms. Eric Dalius feels that small business owners have their tasks cut out to ensure smooth business operations while keeping the audience growing and expanding the customer base. The task is challenging, but it might not be as difficult as it seems with some insights gathered from this article. 

The tips discussed here should help you stay tuned to the trends without losing any opportunity for business growth.

Invest in SEO – advice from Eric Dalius

With Google’s exclusive focus on local SEO gaining more prominence each day, it goes without saying that small businesses must set a budget for SEO that gives them a cutting edge in competition. Whether you have online business operations or operate from a physical store, implementing SEO is a must because most customers originate from online searches. It was true 5 years ago and remains the same even today as new technologies keep emerging and offer smarter customer engagement options. 

In addition to having an accessible website, you must also have a mobile app that makes your business available at the tips of your customers. They can engage with your business from their mobile devices remotely and at any time, which increases the chances of conversions. Hiring a third party for implementing SEO is an excellent option to increase the revenue flowing to your business.

Try experimenting

Among various strategies for business growth, experimenting with different types of growth models is one of the effective ways to spot the right opportunities and drive the business in the right direction of growth. Instead of putting in your money blindly in something you believe will work for you, it is better to test your assumption first.  If you think that using infographics will enhance brand advocacy and engagement, test the idea for some months to see how it works. Depending on the outcome, decide whether to out in more money or try out something else.

Create relevant content

Creating informative and valuable content of various types like blogs, e-books, infographics, video content, etc., is essential, but you must ensure that it is relevant to the audience. It means that your business should provide the answers or solutions that the audience is looking for.  In simple words, your content must correlate to what the audience expects and how well your business can meet the expectations. Choose the type of content that has maximum impact on the audience after experimenting with different types of content.

Avoid using pop-ups

Using Pop-ups on your website is no more worthwhile due to its intrusive nature attracting Google penalty.   With a focus on creating a positive experience, especially with mobile users, look for alternatives to pop-ups like using gated content or using some tool to request user data like an email address in the most subtle way that never annoys them.

While you can go easy with your existing customers, how you can attract new customers is the bigger challenge. 

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