10 Essential Tips for class 10 Olympiad Exam Preparation

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class 10 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Olympiad exams are conducted on an all-India level to identify talented students. Each year Olympiad exams are conducted for various subjects including Maths, Science, English, and Social Studies. It has a high competition rate as over 7000 students appear every year from all over the country. So it is difficult for the students to score good marks in it without proper preparation.

Aspirants from grades 1 to 12 appear for the exam. There are 2 levels. Students who qualify for level 1 appear for the second level and who pass level 2 exams are concluded winners. 

If you are a class 10 student appearing for the Olympiad exam then you have to follow proper preparation.   

Preparation is very important to get more marks in Olympiad. Without the right preparation, you cannot get the desired result. 

There are many mock papers available online for class 10 students appearing for Olympiad exams. You can also check previous year’s question papers or Class 10 olympiad papers with answers which are easily available online to download. 

Let us have a look at the top 10 essential tips to prepare for the Class 10 Olympiad exam that will help you score good position. 

Tips to prepare for the Class 10 Olympiad exam

Once you decided to sit for the Olympiad exams, the next step is to register for them. You can register for it through your school. 

Remember it is different from your regular school exam, so to excel in it you need to prepare a good study plan. 

  1. Make  A Proper Study Plan

An efficient curriculum is required to prepare for the Olympiad. Therefore, students should create an effective study plan that properly covers the syllabus, important chapters, and difficult topics that require more preparation time. A correct schedule helps students competently dedicate themselves to each subject and topic.

A proper timetable helps you to know how to improve your weaker sections. Give more time to the subject in which you are finding difficult and then move on to other chapters.

You have to devote at least one hour to study, revision and solve practice papers.

2) Know The Syllabus 

You must know the right and full syllabus before start preparing for the Olympiad exam. This helps students in knowing about topics and content on which the exam is based. All students should be familiar with the exam pattern so instead of focusing on the entire syllabus they thoroughly prepare on main topics. 

3) Make Yourself Familiar With Exam Pattern

Familiarizing yourself with the exam pattern saves you a lot of time. Even if you have a clear concept, you may be confused in marking the correct answer. So it is necessary to understand the exam pattern and practice it while preparing. 

The questions asked in the Olympiad are objective types consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. There is a time limit of 60 minutes, under which you have to mark and submit your answers. Each question consists of 1, 2, or 3 marks. The exam can be computer-based or pen and paper form. 

Since Olympiad follows the MCQ pattern, you need to prepare yourself for it. Make a habit of solving multiple-choice questions in less time as you have to solve 50 questions within a time limit. 

So, you need to be prepared in an exam-like environment so that you can avoid making silly mistakes.

4) Start Preparing In Advance 

Once you have decided to appear for the Olympiad exam then start preparing for it. The syllabus of the Olympiad is similar to that of the school but its difficulty level is higher than that of your school examination. You need to devote a lot of time to its preparation. So instead of waiting for the announcement of the Olympiad schedule, start its preparation well in advance.

5) Improve Time Management Skill

Without proper time management, all your efforts will go in vain. Most of the time students get pressurised and feel nervous during their exam and make silly mistakes and waste lots of time on a single question. 

If you do not want to make common errors start solving mock papers under restricted time. 

Practice at least 4-5 sample papers so that you can calculate how much time you take to complete each section.

6) Solve Sample Papers

Solve as many sample papers as possible. Solving sample papers boosts your confidence and prepares you for all kinds of questions. The more papers you solve, the higher your chances of scoring high in Olympiads.

7) Make Your Concept Clear 

The syllabus of the Olympiad exam is the same as your school but its questions are more difficult and of a higher level than your school question paper. Hence, it becomes essential that you have a clear concept about all the topics. After reading the chapters go through its practice paper and try to solve the questions related to that particular topic to make your understanding concrete.

8) Focus On Logical Reasoning Section

There is a separate section for Logical Reasoning in Olympiad. Most of the time students neglect the logical reasoning part and lose their marks because they are not prepared for it.

Logical reasoning tests your analytical thinking and reasoning and thus helps in overall academics. You should give equal importance to the Logical Reasoning section and prepare for it. There are many sample papers available online that will help you prepare for the same.

9) Revise, Revise, Revise

Like your school exams, Olympiad exams also require major revision. After understanding all the concepts, solving all the mocks, and practicing papers, it is very important to revise all the important topics once again.

10) Stay Fresh and Healthy 

Following a healthy diet simultaneously with studies tends to affect the mental well-being of a person. Students must eat healthy food instead of consuming junk food so they avoid getting sick and prepare well for their exams.

By preparing hard it does not mean you shouldn’t take any rest. To make your mind fresh take necessary breaks in between your study. Go out for play to freshen up so that you avoid getting panicked during exams and calmly answer all the questions. 


Olympiad tests the observation, problem-solving, and analytical ability of students. To score in the Olympiad exam, you must have a strong conceptual understanding. Therefore, students must understand the difficulty of the Olympiad exam questions and prepare effectively. Examining work from the previous year can help you understand the test standard and pattern. 

Preparing for the Olympics isn’t limited to improving your subject skills. It is also helpful if this becomes a habit of continuous, participatory study. Once you complete your syllabus, you must practice regularly through sample assignments or mock tests. Do not leave any question unsolved and be determined to find the answer yourself or with the help of teachers, parents, or peers. Wherever you find any doubt, re-read the concepts to reinforce them.

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