Tips to Check whether a Cloud Engineer is High-skilled

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With companies not using their data on-premises, cloud providers are in high demand. In reality, cloud engineering was one of the most popular professions with a large share of salaries in 2020. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent transfer to remote communications has increased cloud usage in enterprises by 60 percent. These global IT shifts made trained cloud engineers extremely necessary worldwide.

A cloud engineer typically works with cross-functional groups that combine infrastructure, operations, and design. A successful professional must have a large bag of storage, networking, virtualization, and many other skills. 

Cloud Engineer

How to conduct a thorough interview for the Cloud Engineer position?

But how can you differentiate for a talented cloud developer who suits your business perfectly? You are required to have a decent understanding of how the company needs computer skills to hire a real professional. For example, certain large companies will need an expert with certain specific skills, depending on their business activities. 

An experienced specialist can generally develop and maintain software systems that are both functional and capable of handling a wide range of resources. All of this includes proximity to the Java, Python, and Ruby programming languages.

To find a talented expert who can do the above and more, it pays to have a well-organized interview. In a perfect world, a worthy candidate is a skilled technician and a person willing to put in extra effort to improve his skills.

How would you explain cloud computing to a child?

Asking a candidate to describe the complex in clear terms would test their communication skills and analytical understanding. Applicants who can easily explain complex systems will have the best results.

What do you think about the emerging cloud computing trends? 

When asked what applicants are thinking about the latest technologies, their curiosity in cloud computing and in dealing with modern trends will demonstrate or not. 

Draw the difference between traditional data servers and cloud storage? 

To check an applicant’s technological skills, it is useful asking something related to the operation you are performing. Besides technological inconsistencies, cloud servers are less likely to experience natural hazards. Technical problems will be handled with ease by an accomplished engineer only.

What computing architecture layers do you know?

Cloud specialists with deep knowledge begin answers with Node Controller, Walrus, Cluster Controller, and several others. If candidates offer an ambiguous explanation without the above titles, be sure that they have just started programming and that you are not a match.

What is AWS?

Everyone knows that AWS is a widely trusted Amazon-based web service. Customers worldwide choose AWS over others to build more flexible and reliable software. It shows how thorough his experience in this field is when your candidate is ready to talk about the leading cloud platform and list some of the services he offers.

What cloud service models do you know?

Three service models are famous among trained cloud engineers for their cloud support. An expert can conveniently state the advantages and disadvantages of each operation. There are not enough experienced candidates who do not speak to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

What can you tell me about Microsoft Azure? 

Azure came out in October 2010, and it is one of the most relevant platforms in cloud computing that offers various tools to help businesses. A perfect employee must know this cloud computing platform intimately.

In your opinion, is cloud security important?

Cloud protection is a set of cloud-based technologies, services, and privacy features. An ideal candidate should know how to manage protection and assess risk.

Have you ever met a challenging project? How did you deal with it?

Cloud engineering programs can also be complicated and frustrating.

Ask the candidate to explain what they have contributed or gained from past failures. Applicants who have experience solving obstacles tend to become employees in the new company who can do the same. The answers will inform you about how the prospective colleague views failures and what they do to change the situation.

Summing up

A cloud engineer is an expert who builds, maintains, and connects organizations of various sizes to cloud systems. Excellent hard skills are essential, but many soft skills are also relevant, for example, good time management, effective communication, responsiveness, and helpfulness.

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