Proven Tips to Organically Get More Likes on Instagram

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Tips to Organically Get More Likes on Instagram


A common questions asked every time is how to get more likes on Instagram? And fair enough… who wouldn’t want more engagement on their posts? The issue is people overthink normal things and try to complicate it to get more likes. However, here are some of the best tips and tricks to help you get more likes on Instagram!

1. Post top-quality pictures

Never overlook the importance of high-quality photos. If your pictures are pixilated, blurry or dark, you will not get likes. Using too many fonts, tons of texts and images in one square will not go well with your followers. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just use high-quality camera in better lighting. 

2. Use engaging captions

While it is important to use high quality images, it is not entirely sufficient. Your captions should be of high quality, engaging or value packed. Don’t just use one-word or phrases rather try to arouse emotions by telling a story. It is important to be relatable- if your audience relates to your post, they will definitely leave a like or comment.

3. Make use of a call to action

Your audience will never give you what you desire if you don’t tell them what you are offering! Just add a call to action after the caption asking for a comment, feedback or like. Showing manners will drastically increase your engagement.

4. Explore your audience

It is important to get comfortable with your target audience. If you know them well, you can post content that appeals to them and generate more like. Just choose a niche, explore your target audience and give them what they are looking for.

5. Include a geo location to your content

Using geo-location makes your post appear under that location and boost your reach and likes. Get strategic about the locations your target audience would be interested in and add them when you are making your post.

6. Respond to likes and comments daily

Instagram is a two-way path. If you want to boost your engagement, then spend time with your customers. When you show interest in someone’s feedback by liking and commenting, they will support you too and also check your feed and give some likes back. Engaging with your audience enhances your algorithm standing also.

7. Choose hashtags wisely

Using wrong hashtags will make you lose a big amount of engagement. To get more attention and likes on Instagram, you should use 30 targeted hashtags to describe your account on your content. With the right tags, you can enhance engagement on your post and more people to your account.

8. Motivate people to tag a friend

To boost your likes on your posts, you should use a call to action to motivate your audience to tag a friend. But, you need to offer some valuable content for it that people can share. 

9. Post Instagram stories frequently

Well, Instagram stories have billions of active users globally which means it would be stupid for you to ignore them. Stories don’t just broadcast your content to your audience but also enhance your traffic to your posts and increase your likes.

Just share your recent post to your story and encourage your followers to check it out. Add a swipe link or @mention to help your audience move to your feed.

10. Shoutout your brand or go for shoutout for shoutout

Like someone’s account, well show them with a shoutout in your stories or post. Re-share your content to them and in return, they will share your content. This definitely helps in surging new followers and likes. Shoutout for shoutout is a great way to build a relationship with a company you like and get good exposure for yourself in exchange.

11. Tag related accounts in your content

If you want to get more likes without putting in too much effort, then tag related brands and people in every content you post. It helps you to get the attention of the company and their audience. So, when a visitor visits their feed they may check your tagged section and view your post. But make sure you only post relevant tags.

12. Organize a giveaway

Organizing an Instagram giveaway doesn’t just impress your audience, but also increases your likes and followers significantly. Informing your visitors to like your post to qualify for your giveaway will boost your likes. Add some more points like tagging to increase engagement and follower count too. It is great for both, the audience and the host.

13. Promote your content on other social media channels

Boost your likes by cross promoting your content. Not everyone in the audience will see your Instagram posts so make sure your content is accessible to your audience on every social media channel you access. Promote your Instagram content on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest etc. It will get you a wider audience and pull them to your Instagram profile.

14. Post regularly

You cannot get likes if people don’t see your post. Consistent posting keeps your brand in front of the people and helps you get a good hold with Instagram holding and boost your likes from one picture to another. Check the insights to know when your audience is online to increase your likes.

15. Paid advertising

The last thing you can do to get more likes is to invest in paid advertising. It is the best option to increase traffic to your sales page and boost your likes too. All you need to do is navigate to the post you want to get likes on and hit the promote tab below the picture. Though it comes at a price, but it will generate immense profit for you.

So, here are 15 different ways to get more likes on Instagram. You can implement most of them regularly while posting to see results. Remember to get more likes on Instagram you should be regular. Implement the tips to witness a big change and gradually see your followers and likes increasing.

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