Top 10 Most Unbiased News Sources

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Top 10 Most Unbiased News Sources

When choosing a news source, it’s always wise to look for one that’s nonpartisan or at least as unbiased as possible.

This way, you know that the opinions you hear are coming from actual news reporters who have done their research into the stories they’re reporting on, and not from writers who are simply arguing with the facts in an attempt to persuade you of their opinion.

These ten sources are some of the most unbiased news sources available today, and can be good places to get your information from when you need it most.


If you’re looking for an unbiased news source, look no further than the BBC. The British broadcaster is known for its high-quality journalism and objective reporting.

You can trust that the BBC will give you the facts, without any spin or bias.

And with some of the best current affairs shows on TV, it’s easy to see why so many people are tuning in to this trusted media outlet.

From Radio 4’s Today programme to the investigative Panorama series, there really is something for everyone at the BBC.

So if you want to stay informed but not feel like you’re being fed a biased narrative by a major corporation, then check out what all the fuss is about at Britain’s public service broadcaster.

The best thing? They’re free! With subscriptions costing less than £5 a month, this is one deal you won’t regret.

The Guardian

This is one of the most unbiased news source. They give a lot of coverage to the alternative side, which has made them popular with some readers who want to read about what people on their side are saying.

They also offer well-researched and deep stories that cover topics from all angles, which they have become known for in recent years.

One thing to note is that they don’t always have an opinion or take sides on an issue, so it’s not often biased towards any one side unless they mention it in the story itself.

But even then, they do enough work digging into issues so you can get a sense of what different people think.

They will tell you if there’s more than one argument as to why something happened or if there’s some information missing but still report on it because the rest of the facts make up the story.

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If they find out a piece of information might be wrong, they’ll let you know when reporting on it. The New York Times:

The New York Times is another top news source that doesn’t seem to have many biases.

They typically offer analysis articles based on interviews with experts and time spent covering a topic before writing about it.

Even though their staff includes writers with liberal views, the organization takes pains to include other points of view when possible and has been criticized by conservatives for doing so.

Deutsche Welle

If you’re looking for news that’s impartial and international, Deutsche Welle is a great source. Based in Germany, this broadcaster provides perspectives from all over the world on the stories that matter.

You can find DW online, on TV, and on radio. They also have apps available on iOS and Android devices as well as smart TVs.

The topics they cover are varied, ranging from economics to science to politics, with correspondents reporting in English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian and many other languages.

Their global reach makes them an invaluable resource when it comes to understanding what’s happening around the world.

With national offices in Beijing, Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Dakar, London and Washington D.C., Deutsche Welle covers everything from Donald Trump’s presidency to Brexit negotiations to the refugee crisis.

Their World Service program even offers live broadcasts of important events like elections, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the 2017 UK general election.

The channel first went on air in 1953 as West German Radio – but has since grown into a multi-lingual media organization with more than 3 million followers on Facebook and more than 700,000 followers on Twitter.

Al Jazeera

This is another unbiased news source, which you can consider. They are based in Qatar and produce coverage from both sides of the world.

Al Jazeera provides a mix of coverage with a global perspective on events happening around the world. It also has extensive resources in North America and Europe.

Additionally, they have multimedia programming through their website as well as on social media. Al Jazeera Arabic: If you’re interested in international and Arab affairs, this is your choice for an unbiased new source!

It offers information not only about current affairs but also shows historical background as well.

For example, it provided a wealth of information when the Iran-Iraq war broke out and it even covered Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion. BBC:

The BBC is one of the oldest broadcasting networks that dates back to 1922. Its mission statement reads The BBC exists to enrich people’s lives with programs and services that inform, educate and entertain – which we find to be one of its most appealing aspects.

ABC News: ABC News offers live video streaming for those who cannot wait for updates!

USA Today

USA Today is another unbiased news source, which you can rely on. ABC World News Tonight is one of the most watched and respected evening newscasts in the world.

They also provide important coverage for a diverse group of viewers and our nation’s businesses and communities.

They have won more than any other television network since 1975 when it comes to reporting awards from the prestigious Alfred I DuPont Columbia University Awards in broadcast journalism.

It has been honored with 46 Emmy Awards and 12 George Foster Peabody Awards for excellence in broadcasting. The ABC World News team was also awarded the Overseas Press Club Award (OPC) this year.

It was the first time that they had ever been given an award by OPC, who usually reserves these types of accolades for overseas journalists working in war zones.

In addition, ABC World News was selected as the recipient of six Edward R. Murrow Awards from RTDNA-the Radio Television Digital News Association.

These honors represent the industry’s highest honor for electronic journalism-broadcast and online-in five categories: breaking news; continuing coverage; best website; investigative reporting; use of multimedia; and environmental reporting.

Along with its long list of awards, this channel features top notch news anchors like David Muir and Diane Sawyer.

You know that you are getting quality information when Diane Sawyer is presenting it!


As one of the most respected news organizations in the world, CNN is known for its accuracy and unbiased reporting.

CNN has a team of dedicated fact-checkers who work around the clock to ensure that their stories are accurate and impartial. You can trust that you’re getting the whole story with CNN.

There’s no better way to stay informed on what’s happening all over the world. They have reporters stationed across the globe who provide in-depth coverage of everything from politics to sports.

The coverage may not always be favorable towards certain politicians or policies, but they will give you an unvarnished account of what’s going on so that you can make up your own mind about it.

It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear more than just the rhetoric coming out of Washington these days. If you want to know what’s really going on with our government, you need to tune into CNN.

They won’t tell you what to think, but they’ll give you the information necessary to form your own opinion.

With quality journalism like this, it’s easy to see why CNN stands out as one of the most trusted sources for news.

The New York Times

Top 10 Most Unbiased News Sources

The New York Times is one of the best unbiased news outlets out there. They have won two Pulitzer prizes, and they report all sides of the story and present all sides as equally credible.

Their stories are well-researched and thorough, so you can always trust what they say. Furthermore, their reporters are intelligent and do not take partisan stands.

The New York Times strives to cover international news with a focus on breaking news from America. Although it does not cover a lot of sports, it does provide live scores for all major sports in the United States.

Overall, this site provides high quality reporting that is fair to all sides of an issue or event.


Euronews is another unbiased news source which you can consider. It’s a European Union funded, multi-language TV channel, with television broadcasts in many languages, including English and Russian.

The channel provides coverage of world events from a global perspective with independent reporting on world politics, business and culture.

Its broadcasts are based around key international headlines. One thing that makes it stand out is the option to see the same broadcast at different times in different languages.

For example, if you want to watch Russia Today (RT) but don’t speak Russian, or BBC World News but not BBC English or Hindi, then you can tune into those channels at their specified time and watch the program in your language.

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