The Top 5 Android Games Available Right Now

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Android Games

Mobile gaming has progressed at a far faster rate than any other technology before it. Every year, Android games seem to reach new heights. We’re seeing an increasing number of premium game releases that push the limits of what phones can accomplish, and even free-to-play games are improving. To be honest, there are some excellent mobile games. Some even compete with console and PC games, or are accessible on PC, console, and mobile platforms. 

Here are the finest Android games available right now.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile was released in 2022 and quickly became a hit, even in Vietnam. It’s a battle royale shooter in the vein of Fortnite and PUBG New State. On the other hand, this one was well-polished, with good controls, various game types, and more fascinating powers. In the base battle royale mode, there are 60 players divided into 20 squads. There is also a ranked mode as well as a team deathmatch option. As you go through the game, you will unlock different Legends, each with its unique set of skills. It’s new, so it’s a touch light, but it’s already surpassed ten million downloads in its first month, and it’s really more enjoyable than some of the genre’s other offerings.

Call of Duty: Mobile

In 2019, we chose Call of Duty: Mobile as the best Android game. We generally take our time before adding a game, but Call of Duty: Mobile is so popular and has such a good rating that we decided to add it sooner than usual. The game has a 100-player battle royale and a standard FPS online PvP mode. This places it in a unique category since it can play battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and standard FPS PvP games like Critical Ops or Modern Combat. 

Although it is a free-to-play game, the majority of in-game purchases are aesthetic. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA game from League of Legends. There used to be many of them in Mobile, but many have disappeared in recent years. Currently, League of Legends: Wild Rift is the greatest of the group. Matches last around 15-20 minutes, which is a little long for a mobile MOBA. However, the game is enjoyable, there are no buy-ins, and the makers appear to be committed to keeping the game balanced.


Minecraft is a popular game for people of all ages all around the world. For those who haven’t played before, Minecraft immerses you in a massive world where you can mine, create, fight enemies, and pretty much do whatever you want. There’s a survival mode where you have to mine your own resources and food and a creative option where you have infinite resources and food. Frequent updates have brought a slew of additional features and options.

Among Us

Even though it was actually released in 2018, Among Us ruled the gaming industry in 2020 as the ideal paranoid quarantine hobby. Secret saboteurs work silently to murder you and your fellow astronaut pals as you and your fellow astronaut friends work together to restore your spaceship. Nothing and no one can be trusted, whether you use good old-fashioned social manipulation to get the truth out or lie your head out to keep the masquerade going.

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