Top 5 Essential Features For Your Android Mobile Healthcare App

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An increase in the number of healthcare mobile apps over the past decade has been truly stunning. Thoughtfully designed and full-featured mobile apps provide plenty of favorable opportunities for both patients and healthcare providers. For doctors, the benefits of using specialized apps come in the form of improved and more personalized patient care, broader healthcare access for people, and streamlined communication for everyone. Patients, on the other hand, get easy access to medical info, can quickly set up appointments, receive healthcare advice remotely, and keep track of their health using these apps wherever they are.

If your healthcare organization has reached a point where a functional and user-friendly Android mobile application is essential for your business to stay efficient and competitive, it is time to consider employing the expertise of Keenethics software development specialists at They have extensive healthcare industry knowledge and years of experience crafting secure and user-friendly healthcare solutions.

Before you or the development team you employ begin to work on the app, take time to think about the following:

  • What is the purpose of your healthcare app? In what way is it supposed to help users?
  • Which tech stack will you use to build it?
  • Will the tech stack you choose allow for scaling and future enhancements?
  • What will the app do that its rivals cannot?

Addressing these questions will help determine the necessary scope of features and lay a solid foundation for successful development.

5 Best Features to Include in Your Android Mobile Healthcare App

Here is a list of the five most crucial features that your healthcare app should incorporate to meet the demands of both healthcare professionals and patients:

Robust and engaging UI/UX design.

The initial impression users get from your app is its UI/UX design, which is essentially about how it looks and feels. A user-friendly interface is crucial to engaging patients, so keep the navigation within your app smooth, the design intuitive, and the layout clean and uncluttered. A good app, healthcare-related or not, always provides its users with a very clear picture of what the product aims to achieve and what it offers. 

Health activity tracking & personalized recommendations

Including this feature in your healthcare app allows users to actively monitor their well-being and receive tailored recommendations for a healthier lifestyle. For example, if users are tracking their weight loss progress and daily calorie intake, the app can suggest suitable dietary choices to support their weight management goals.

Telemedicine capabilities & secure messaging channels.

You can design your app to offer communication channels for healthcare providers and their patients to engage in private and secure medical interactions. With this feature, users can send encrypted messages only they and their doctor can access, thus preventing hackers from intercepting sensitive information. To give your app users more options to seek professional medical advice, you can incorporate a feature called telemedicine, which allows patients to consult with medical professionals remotely.

Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR).

You cannot give your users the option to communicate with their doctor remotely and ignore the healthcare professional’s need to record the outcomes of that communication properly. When the app seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, medical specialists can easily access patient medical histories, review prescriptions, complete health forms, and quickly merge data.

Wearables integrations.

Wearable devices like fitness bands, activity trackers, and ECG monitors have long become part of our daily lives. People are sincerely attached to their wearables and will love an app that connects with these devices, collecting vital health data like heart rate or blood sugar and storing it securely in one place for easy access by them or their healthcare provider.

Keenethics’ Solutions for the Healthcare Industry¬†

Android mobile healthcare apps offer many thrilling opportunities for both patients and care providers. Keenethics is known for its outstanding expertise in crafting tailored healthcare solutions that cover everything from patient engagement to chronic disease management and medical record keeping. Turn to these highly regarded software development professionals if you need help building a secure and user-friendly healthcare solution containing all the necessary features to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction for you and your patients.

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