Top 6 Examples of Illustration

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Top 6 examples of illustration
Top 6 examples of illustration

There are some top 6 examples of illustration, to be taken into consideration.

Bold and vibrant typography

Designers have always done unthinkable things with typefaces. Twisted in spirals, decorated with patterns, exploded, etc. This trend has not spared the advertising market. There are bright and non-standard solutions that will only gain momentum in 2021. Another sub-trend is the use of simple, yet bold, large poster fonts. And the thicker the font, the better.

Monochrome banners

The monochrome design has long been a favorite graphic technique for many designers. It has been used with varying success since ancient times, but it began to become a bright trend just these days. At first, with the development of graphic applications on smartphones, monochrome filters began to be used by all and sundry. Then this technique migrated to the professional sphere. Now it is used everywhere in all types of advertising. As you can see by looking at the examples below.

Simplified illustrations

Illustrations in banner advertising have been used for a long time and constantly reflect new trends and trends. For example, in 2020 and 2021, simplified, crude illustrations will be trending news. In our age of satiety with everything that is possible, when people do not want to read even short texts, simple illustrations save the day. And better convey the meaning of the message. Designers are increasingly moving from pictorial to semantic illustrations that make it clear what is at stake.

3D illustrations and depth

With the development of technology and the emergence of more and more new tools for 3D, this design direction is experiencing a new revival. And it will be relevant this and next year. Significantly, 3D design is influenced by trends in other directions. For example, funny little people with disproportionate arms and legs, which we saw everywhere this and last year, have now migrated to 3D. In addition, the use of simple geometric lines and objects in 3D, monochrome colors, and the combination of 3D objects with 2D drawings and photographs continues to evolve.

Bright and acidic, neon and futuristic colors

Top 6 examples of illustration
Top 6 examples of illustration

Bright colors have always been held in high esteem by designers because the color is almost the first thing that catches your eye when viewing ads. Animation is an important part of app design and user experience and great inspiration. But, as elsewhere, this trend is also constantly changing, and now blue, purple, pink acid colors are coming into fashion, which looks futuristic and in the style of cyberpunk neon signs (for example, as in the acclaimed TV series Altered Carbon). These colors may not be found in nature, but they will make you stand out from the crowd of advertisements.

Discolored colors

When a certain trend breaks into the masses and everyone begins to inherit it, there is always someone who deviates from the canons and begins to try something new – first of all, to stand out from competitors. This also happened with discolored colors. While bright, flashy colors were gaining momentum in 2019, brands appeared in 2020 that, on the contrary, began to use muted, pastel, natural colors.

What is important to remember:

  1. Trends are not a panacea. Using a popular trend is not enough to be noticed and loved. Remember, the main thing is relevant, easy-to-read content. And using trends will only help you distinguish it from competitors and show you as a professional.
  2.  Use ready-made templates and tools to create memorable and clickable ads. If you are not a professional designer, it will be difficult for you to keep up with the ever-changing new trends in advertising design. And no need to, because resources such as Canva, Crello, Bannerboo, Freepik constantly monitor new trends and immediately apply them in their ad banner templates.
  3.  Don’t forget about your own creativity. Use the knowledge gained to create something new, try different techniques, combine, experiment and discover new facets of yourself. What’s great about the 2020-2021 design trends is that they work great together. Take the patterns, overlay the gradient, add a poster font, and your ad is done. Go for it!

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