Top 9 Free Video Editing Software You Should Know in This Pandemic Period 

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Users of these platforms have been gradually shifting to their smartphones in recent years, causing an industry-wide emphasis on mobile devices. Now that we are spending our days at home, people tend to know how uncomfortable it can be to squint on those tiny phone screens with laptops around. Here we provide the details of Free Video Editing Software.

One of the most commonly used aspects of modern age marketing is video marketing, and many businesses have successfully introduced it to reach a wider audience. If you can consider video marketing an expensive affair, there is a plethora of free video editing software ideal for any enterprise, small or large. Which are all ideal software to edit videos and clean up audios. Now, here is the top nine (9) video editing software for free:

Top 9 Free Video Editing Software
Free Video Editing Software


To help you create and design the video that best fits your style Magisto is filled with advanced free video editing software. Also, Magisto comes with a pre-defined prototype suitable for free video editing software for short videos for your YouTube advertisements, social media, etc.

However, this app is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something that helps you do such stuff as voiceover, picture-in-picture, slow-motion, split-screen editing, tilt-shift, many more. You would be shocked by what this app can, paired with the technology, AI to be specific, that allows you to test the footage visually, mentally, and through audio capture.


This video editing software is a free Windows and Linux open-source video editing software. You can do the cutting, scanning, and encoding functions completed, a well-curated selection of functionality. It also has many collaborative solutions, and there is a step-by-step direction to using this app. Hence, it is straightforward to use this app.

Free Video Editor by VSDC 

This software is also a free video editing software that supports many indifferent video formats. It offers different video filters, transformations, audio effects, and drawing and filtering; you can quickly break your video files into many bits with it. You can also pick the optimized saving outputs for several devices when the editing is finished, including smartphones and game consoles.


On Windows, Mac, and Linux, it is one of the best free video editing software programs available. This video editing is entirely open-source software. It supports a wide variety of video formats and boasts a fantastic video demonstration set. There are also remarkable aspects of this app, though some people may find the interface a little funky. Initially, it was designed for Linux.


This video editing app is fully open-source, making it one of the best software available for video editing. Its simple use of drag-and-drop GUI can remind some Mac users of a little iMovie. Openshot, though, contains more features, including infinite layers and audio mixing, than iMovie. This free editor achieves a suitable compromise between sophisticated functionality and a primary interface. When you create transitions between scenes, it also enables real-time previews.


This video editing software program can be used conveniently and efficiently to transform video clips to be viewed on multiple handheld devices and gadgets. The program can transform videos from over 500 video file formats and support various audio and image files formats to create slideshows and video clips.

Android (FilmoraGo) 

Filmarago is worth looking at if you’re an Android user looking for a quick and realistic way to edit online videos that don’t require a steep learning curve. It’s effortless to use and can help make your videos look professional. It will not stamp a watermark on your clip or put a time limit on it.


Suppose you spend so much of our time online. In that case, Inshot is one of the best video editing applications, a video editor, and an all-in-one HD image for iOS and Android, which is oriented towards making social media clips. For starters, it comes with pre-built sizes of canvas for anything from any famous app today, like TikTok. This software makes it smooth and quick to download, edit and trim your clips together with a straightforward and beautiful interface and then add emojis, captions, filters or stickers, and other fun stuff on top, and sound effects free music to the audio. So while this is not one of the most “professional” video editing software (in that it’s really for social video creation), what it does is lovely and very intuitive.


This video editing software has several social networking models. Add any template without raising a finger with its Instant Videos feature. It also comes with an extensive library of royalty-free stock films, photographs, and more. This software is also undoubtedly a video editing application you can include.

If you want a fast and straightforward marketing video editing product, look no further. With Lumen5, you can edit videos only on your browser. The most significant part of it? You need not uninstall some program that uses up room on your drives.


Although pictures say a thousand words, a video says a thousand more words. Videos can make someone feel emotional and also making them feel irritated. You will quickly tell anyone or several people a message you want to get through with the right strategies and editing secrets. No marketing tactic beats a compelling video of accompanying hit songs, whether it is a message to save humanity or a note to tell someone about your new music album. Try these awesome free video editing software for yourself and make the best video content to upload and share with your friends, family, and followers.

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