How to Transfer Photos From LG G9 ThinQ to Computer or PC

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LG G9 ThinQ is just arriving in February, and everyone is excited about the launch of this smartphone. The first look of the smartphone is also just released in which there will be 4 camera setup and headphone jack will still there as in G8. The overall design of the G9 ThinQ is also similar to the G8X, which is more attractive and good looking. IN this guide, we are going to discuss for selfie camera user who always takes images and then want to save the photos in PC or laptop. So after this guide, you will quickly transfer photos from LG G9 ThinQ to Computer or PC. We have already cover many topics or latest News of LG G9 ThinQ Here.

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LG Always impressed us in its unique designs and Crystal OLED Sound. For any giant tech phone, it is necessary for users that they are looking for the crystal Sound OLED in their smartphones. The overall panel is OLED and Full HD Quad results on a 6.1inch screen. If we go back to V50 ThinQ or G8X, they had a dual-screen, and we are expecting more amazing outcomes in the latest version of LG G9 ThinQ. There are more other features of LG G9 ThinQ, which we can’t discuss at the moment.

how to transfer files to pc

Without wasting a single moment, let’s move forward on how to transfer photos or files to PC from LG G9 ThinQ Smartphone.

LG G9 ThinQ Connect to PC

First of all, we need to connect LG G9 ThinQ to PC, which is necessary. There are many options to connect Phone to PC. One option is Bluetooth. You can turn on Bluetooth on LG G9 ThinQ and Bluetooth on your PC. Once both connected, transfer the photos. But it is a little complicated way for newbies. We will see how to transfer pictures from LG G9 ThinQ to the computer with the help of USB Cable.

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Here are the few steps you need to do to connect your PC with Phone. Connect USB Original data cable of LG G9 ThinQ and connect with the phone. You will see the option of Allow USB debugging. Click on that option appear on the screen once you have done it. Now its time to move photos. You want to Discover the best Household Supplies in Best Sellers. Click here to Buy Best Home Supplies.

LG G9 ThinQ File Transfer To PC

  • Touch the status bar from the top of the Lg G9 Screen. Drag the status bar from top to bottom.
  • You will see the option “Connected as Media Device,” and below it, you will see “Touch for USB options.”
  • Just tap on it.
  • Select File transfer. You will see the file transfer option on the screen.
  • Open the Windows Explorer Or(Go to the Start Menu and Open My PC)
  • On the right panel, you will see LG G9 ThinQ(Your device name will appear)
  • Open the folder.
  • Open Internal Shared Storage.
  • Now Find DCIM. You can find manually as well or use the search option and open the DCIM folder.
    DCIM folder
  • Now select the photos, pictures, movies, download anything you want to transfer from G9 ThinQ to PC.
  • Copy the Photos and paste to the Desktop or any folder where you want.

Just Disconnect your USB from PC. That’s All.

Final Words on File Transfer from LG G9 To PC:

This is the simplest way to transfer photos or files or any data from LG9 ThinQ to PC. If you are having issues or unable to connect Lg G9 ThinQ to PC. You can write to us; we will update you and solve your problem, but make sure you are using the original data cable of your LG G9 Phone. For more updates on the latest phones and solutions. Keep connected with us. We also write on Root on different phones. Thank you

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