What Devices Does NFL Game Pass Work On?

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NFL Game Pass

Navigating the complicated broadcast schedule of NFL games is not as easy as it seems. If you are residing around your favorite team’s local market, then there are higher chances that you can catch up to all the fun. It’s because even services that have the authority to stream videos of NFL can only have certain content in limited areas. 

So what is an NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass lets you have access to the live broadcast of certain matches, and you can also repeat it in a loop after it has been aired. You do not have to bother about your location. But everything comes with a set of downsides. Here are the pros and cons of buying the NFL Game Pass. 

The pros are that you can fully replay every game with innovative playbacks, there are no ads, and it allows you the best search functionality. On the other hand, the cons are- live content is limited and the streams too, which are 720p, and you cannot replay these games in offline mode. You can listen to the audio of Live games. 

You can even stream preseason games live. However, it does not allow you to watch regular-season or playoff games. You will have to go for NFL RedZone if you wish to stream live content. This is still helpful to catch up with the hype of the season at $100, which is not that bad. 

There are certain platforms that support NFL Game Pass. For instance, web browsers for computers, apps for iOS and Android, latest generation televisions, etc. A majority of streaming devices have access to broadcasting NFL games. 

NFL Game Pass On Mobile

It does not have a different sort of app for NFL Game Pass, it is included in the NFL app itself. This is when you can use your Chromecast connected to your iOS and Android app. In order to increase the effectiveness of the game, you can download the app or any game on your device. 

When you download the app, you will find a ‘Game Pass’ icon on the bottom of the screen. Apps are made in such a way that it supports picture-in-picture (PiP) mode which is not a regular implementation by them. 

NFL Game Pass On Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is already known to be one of the best streaming devices. The possible explanation for this could be the $49.99 price. Majorly it is because of the hands-free feel a user can get. If you wish to watch full game replays with NFL Game Pass on Fire TV Stick, you can demand Alexa to do the work. The voice-activated remote lets you speak into the remote for the instructions. There are two ways to stream NFL Game Pass on this device. Either you can download the app on your device, or you can log in with your Amazon credentials to start the game. Registration can be done in just a few minutes, even if you do not have any of these. 

NFL Game Pass On Playstation 4

Yes! You read it right. Playstation is not only for gaming, you can stream your favorite team through NFL Game Pass on PS4. The requirements are also limited, so to watch NFL on PS4 you need a Wi-Fi connection, smart TV, and an HDMI cable. The cost of this device is a bit high i.e., $299.99. 

You can sign in with your credentials and add NFL Game Pass on your home screen. This is greatly influential when you want to take a break from your gaming life to watch it on the same screen. You can install other apps and games to stream more sorts of sports content like ESPN+, and Hulu+Live TV. 

NFL Game Pass On Apple TV (4th generation and 4K only)

You would need faster internet connectivity if you have a 4K TV. There are many benefits of having an Apple TV, you can stream these games in ultra-high-definition (UHD). Furthermore, you get the benefit of watching the live match on Sunday alongside the replay. The reason is that you can download NFL Redzone and NFL Network to your Apple TV. Now it also means you will have to pay for the subscription to watch all on one device. 

Apple TV for the 4K version costs $149.99 or $179.99. Whatever you go for, you are investing in the right place. You can pause and play and do it all over again on your favorite shots with this handy voice-controlled remote. Any videos downloaded on your other iOS devices can be easily played with Apple TV. The cost of this is worthy of all the money because of the multiple functions it provides. 

Bottom Line

NFL Game Pass is comparatively cheaper than other streaming platforms and provides almost the same functions. You can catch up with the live Sunday Football action with this. It only costs $100 for the whole season. It comes along with a free 30 days trial. It lets you access the on-demand content of the NFL. Watching it on a big screen doubles the excitement of streaming. 

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