What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube

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What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video that had an abundance of comments and wondered, What does highlighted comment mean on YouTube? then this is the article for you!

Highlighted comments are typically placed at the top of the list of comments below each video, along with responses from the original poster to any responses already given by other viewers.

The purpose of highlighting comments in this manner is to help creators and viewers connect more directly and start conversations about topics being brought up in videos.

When Does The Highlighted Comment Appear?

The highlighted comment appears when a user replies to a comment on a YouTube video. The original comment is then highlighted in the thread, making it more visible to other users.

This can be useful if you want to continue a conversation with someone or if you think your reply is particularly important. Note that you can only highlight one comment at a time.

If you click on the highlight button again, the previous highlight will disappear and will not be replaced by another. You also have to use a mouse to do this – using your keyboard shortcuts won’t work.

To highlight a comment, hover over the top of it until the comments turn orange, then click and drag up to expand it. It’ll stay like that until you hover over another area of the page.

When somebody responds to your highlighted comment, their post will be automatically shown as an answer so long as they use the same handle (username) for both comments.

How Long Does It Last?

The Highlighted Comment feature on YouTube allows you to have a comment of yours appear at the top of the comments section for a video.

This is a great way to make your voice heard on a popular video, or to start a conversation with other commenters. The feature lasts for 24 hours, after which your comment will return to its normal position in the comments section.

You can also remove the highlight by clicking Remove Highlight and selecting Yes. If you want to take the highlights away permanently, select No when prompted.

Keep in mind that removing your highlights may result in less visibility for your comments and videos in the future.

For this reason, we recommend only using the feature if you know you’ll be actively commenting over the next 24 hours.

Can You Click On It To Find Out Who Said It?

Yes, you can click on the highlighted comment to find out who said it. The person who said it is probably a YouTuber with a lot of subscribers.

When you click on the comment, it will take you to the person’s profile page. From there, you can learn more about the person and see what other videos they’ve made.

If you’re interested in their video, you can subscribe by clicking Subscribe on their channel. Subscribing means that YouTube will automatically notify you when that person uploads new content.

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If this happens to be your favorite YouTuber, then subscribing would be worth it! You’ll get notifications whenever he or she posts something new.

And you won’t have to spend hours searching for the newest episode of your favorite show – it’ll just come right to you!

So next time you see someone’s name in an app, try clicking on them and seeing what they have to say!

You might even like them so much that you want to be notified every time they post something new.

Can You Interact With It In Any Way?

If you’re wondering what the highlighted comment feature is on YouTube, you’re not alone. This seemingly new addition to the site has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that it’s started to gain attention.

The highlighted comment will display at the top of your screen and can be clicked on and interacted with like any other part of the video.

You can reply to the commenter, or if they have commented multiple times in succession, there will be an option to reply all.

There are also options to mute them, ban them from commenting again, or report their behavior as spam. However, this does not mean that their comments will be removed entirely – rather just hidden from view.

You’ll still see their name and number of comments below the video player. But you’ll no longer be able to read their responses unless you scroll down and click on Show more replies.

With so many active commenters online, it may seem impossible to keep up with everything that’s being said about your videos.

It’s worth knowing how this tool works so that you don’t miss out on anything important. You can access the highlights by clicking on the box under Comments and then selecting Highlights.

The highlights will appear at the bottom of your screen and show every mention made by someone who has been muted or banned from posting further comments.

If A Person Makes A Comment, Can It Be Highlighted?


Yes, if a person makes a comment on YouTube, it can be highlighted. This means that the comment will be more visible to other users and will be more likely to be seen by the video’s creator.

When a comment is highlighted, it is usually because it is considered to be valuable or insightful by the YouTube community.

If you see a highlighted comment on a video, take the time to read it as it could offer some interesting perspectives on the video’s content. It is also possible for users to highlight their own comments.

A person can use this feature if they believe that their comment has been overlooked by others or when they want to draw attention back to an important point they made in their original post.

How do you know if a comment has been highlighted? The highlights icon will appear to either side of a person’s comment, and it will be displayed in different colors depending on how many times that user has previously highlighted their own comments.

This symbol will only appear to users who have an account on YouTube, so non-registered users will not see it.

If Someone Else Gives A Reply, Will Their Comment Also Be Highlighted?

When you leave a comment on a YouTube video, there is an option to highlight your comment. This makes your comment appear in a different color than the other comments.

If someone else replies to your comment, their comment will also be highlighted. This is a great way to get a conversation started on a video. You can have many conversations going on at once by highlighting multiple comments.

The drawback is that sometimes it’s hard to read all of the highlighted comments if they are placed close together. A quick fix for this problem is to use the next button below the video.

Clicking next will scroll down and show new comments, and clicking prev will scroll up and show old comments.

If you want to only see highlighted comments (to make reading easier), click on highlights. To make your own comment stand out, go to the bottom right corner and click highlight me.

You can un-highlight a comment by scrolling over it with your mouse cursor and clicking un-highlight me. To remove your own highlighted comment, hover over it with your mouse cursor and then click delete.

These options are available from any screen on YouTube where you can leave a comment. For example, when you are watching a video on YouTube and decide to share your thoughts about it.

Just like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media platforms allow for both public and private communication with the ability to choose who can view them.

There is no need to write in complete sentences when leaving a comment as long as you include periods so people know when one sentence ends and another begins.

How To Remove Highlighted Comment Youtube

If you’re wondering how to remove a highlighted comment on YouTube, the process is actually pretty simple.

Just follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to where your comments are located
  • Right click on the highlighted comment and select Remove.
  • A pop up window will appear that says Are you sure? Click OK.
  • The next time you scroll down your comments, it will be gone!
  • You can also highlight the unwanted comment and hit delete key on your keyboard.
  • If this does not work for you, please contact YouTube for help with removing it.
  • Be careful of spamming people’s channels with spammy or malicious comments because they may end up blocking you from their channel if they feel threatened by what you have said.
  • Don’t use offensive language in any form while commenting on videos because YouTube doesn’t tolerate those kind of words and could block your account from uploading videos again.
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines set forth by YouTube so that you don’t get reported for breaking any rules

How To See Highlighted Comments On Youtube


If you’re wondering how to see highlighted comments on YouTube, here’s a quick and easy guide. First, open up YouTube and sign in.

Then, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. From there, select History: In the drop-down menu that appears, select History.

This will bring up a list of all the videos you’ve watched recently. Find the video you want to see highlighted comments for and click on it.

Once the video is playing, scroll down below the video player until you find more options and click Show Comments.

You’ll now be able to see which users commented on this specific video as well as what they said!

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