Reasons Why Your Instagram Verification Failed

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Instagram VerificationHave you wondered why your request to get verified on Instagram has not been accepted despite several attempts to get the highly coveted blue tick beside your name? Have you had more than one attempt, and are you hoping you will get lucky in subsequent times?  

You do not have to keep riding on luck. We will take you through why your request for verification failed and how you can prevent it from hampering your chances of getting verified later.

Incomplete Profile

Instagram’s policies on getting verified are quite simple. However, the first step to ensure you are on the path of getting verified is to have a complete profile. Complete your profile with a professional picture or a brand logo representing your brand. Avoid opening your Instagram account with a fictional character or a photo of another public figure you admire. Nobody is willing to trust someone who does not have enough information about himself, and Instagram cannot give a badge of credibility to such an account. 

In addition, ensure there is no other account opened for the business you are trying to get an Instagram account for. Instagram policies allow only one account for a business, except it is opened in multiple languages. Also, do not use another brand’s logo for your brand or make use of an unrecognized logo. If you wish to avoid this process of having all these prepared by yourself, you can consider the option to buy Instagram verification wherein you contract a social media agency to get your profiles verified. If your request for verification has been rejected, run a quick check on your profile to see if you met these conditions. If you have, let us move to the second possible reason

Account Settings

If you want to enjoy the luxury of having a private account where only a few people can have access to your account, then the blue tick is probably not for you. Instagram’s policies about verification do not allow them to verify a private account, and even if you get an Instagram verification and return it to a private account, you may lose the blue badge. If you find yourself in this category, change your account to a public rather than a private account. 

Violation of Terms of Service 

Did you critically go through the terms of service, or do you assume it is the norm with other social media platforms? Indeed, there may be many similarities between terms of service of different platforms, but there are always peculiarities. One of the Instagram terms of service you will see is that the social media platform frowns at using your account to promote certain businesses, which they consider inappropriate for reasons known to them. Aside from failing to verify your account, you may lose the blue badge if you violate their platform policies. 

Authentic Details

Make sure that all the details on your account are authentic. In other words, your display name is not a made-up name, but your actual name as per your government ID. And if your account is for your brand, input your company name exactly as it is in your license documentation. For those going via an agency for Instagram verification, your consultant will guide you through all these changes. 

Final Thoughts

Fame could be a stumbling block towards getting your account verified. The platform counts on press releases rather than several followers. By this, you may have to promote your Instagram account with your other social media platforms to increase your chances of Instagram verification. However, you have an option to buy Instagram verification if your application process is not going as you planned.

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