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Although having an empty home ready to be designed from scratch sounds like a lifetime opportunity, it can be a nerve-wracking process. Without appropriate preparations and tools like an apartment floor planner and 3D modeling apps, you might quickly run out of energy. This article will help you to start the process and guide you through simple but important details we usually leave unnoticed.

House Designing Manual

If you want to design your house but don’t know how and where to start, read these recommendations. They might be helpful for both homeowners and people decorating separate rooms. No matter if you are completely new to design or this is your third room to renovate, consider these handy tips below.

1. Decide how much money you can spend 

This is the first thing you have to do. Since you can’t stop on the half of your way, it is better to ensure you have enough money to cover everything, starting from the architect fees (if you need to paint the walls). Don’t forget such minor details as site work, driveway, framing, finishes for interior and exterior, electricity, and plumbing. You need to have at least 20 percent extra from the total sum you calculate to be on the safe side.

2. Consider your house location 

Think about the natural light you receive during the day in your house. You can decide which room requires the most lightning and which can cope with a single chandelier. The same goes for every separate room. Locate the furniture there according to the natural light, shadows from trees, and temperature factor. If you create the design in winter, try to imagine the trees with leaves nearby your house in other seasons since they can throw the shadow on the entire room.

3. Lifestyle is important

Think about your favorite activities and the time you spend at home. Since you are working on your home design from the very beginning, you can easily devote a separate room to your yoga workouts or pottery classes, for example. You might not need a spacious bedroom but can’t imagine your life without a huge library. Plan your rooms’ location in advance.

4. Settle on the room style

Think about the style you like. It can be inspired by the nature outside or match your personality. You can add coziness to your house by making it lighter or using lots of wood in decoration. You can go with a different design for each room but one common style for the house. Use 2D and 3D interior design software like Room Planner to make models of your future house.

5. Work on a detailed plan

You have to create a plan of everything you need to do and have already done. Put ticks once you finish something. You can add more steps there in the process. This plan will help you to stay focused.

Follow Your Goal

No matter how excited you are about your new house project, it still might require all your energy. Make sure you have the extra money in your budget for different unexpected situations, build a reliable step-by-step plan for your future actions, and follow it. Concentrate on the home of your dreams and make it real. Consider checking out Avenir Apartments Boston MA for design inspiration.

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