How to Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue – Best and Easy Methods in 2022

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Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue

Many Xbox One users are facing an annoying problem with their devices. The microphone on their controller is not working properly. When they attempt to operate their headset to talk to their friends. When you face this problem, you may get irritated. The mic in your headset won’t record your voice. You can listen to what your companions are saying, but they can’t listen to what you are communicating.

As a result, you cannot communicate with your friends! Xbox One mic not working problem you encountered. However, you should not worry. It is still possible to restore your microphone’s performance. You can use the following steps to get started.

5 Methods to Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue:

  • Power Cycle Your Xbox
  • Change to Energy Saver from Settings
  • Check Headphones on another device
  • Update your system
  • Adjust Your Audio Settings

1. Power Cycle Your Xbox:

Power Cycle Your Xbox

It is also used to reset all network configurations and connections with all connected devices/controllers when you turn off the device:

  • Click the Xbox button on your button for a rare moment to turn the controller off entirely.
  • Then, click on the Xbox controller on the Xbox One to rotate it off.
  • When the modules are completely powered off, open the Xbox One’s power cable.

2. Change to Energy Saver from Settings:

Change to Energy Saver from Settings

In the energy-saving setting, Xbox requires you to power on the console and it may take up to 45 seconds for the console to fully power up. This mode finishes the solution and very little power to you:

  • Open Xbox Setting and go to Power and Startup option,
  • Now, under Power Option, highlight the chance that says Power Mode.
  • Use the button on the button to toggle to Energy Saving Mode.
  • Save the changes, exit, and run Fix 1.

3. Check Headphones on another device:

Check Headphones on another device

If the above techniques don’t work, make certain there is no hardware-related trial. To review, plug the controller into another android device and notice if the voice is registered using the mic on that system. If another system registers the mic, you should make sure you missed any of the above actions. If all the techniques don’t work- check out the next suggestions and see if they do the scheme.

  • Disconnect the plug and headset it back in after some time.
  • Make sure the headset is not muted.
  • Increase Audio Threshold from Settings then Accessories and devices.
  • Check if the controller’s batteries are firmly seated.
  • Make sure the headset you are using is compatible with Xbox One.
  • Make sure all cables are wired correctly.
  • Consider plugging the headset into another controller.
  • Adjust chat room and game sound balance.
  • Check Chat Mixer if you can’t hear other people.
  • Also, disable virtual surround in apps.

4. Update your system:

Update your system

To do so, make sure your Xbox One is connected via an Ethernet cable (not Wi-Fi) and visit Settings > System > Console Info & Updates > Update Console. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to use Xbox normally again. If you’ve updated your system but your mic still isn’t working, there are other steps you can try: Check the batteries: Before connecting a new microphone, check if its batteries need to be replaced or if there’s any leakage into the contact areas.

Even if they look old or rusted or burnt, they need to be replaced before they can work with your Xbox. You can get replacement AA batteries at any store that sells electronics and cleaning supplies, or even at most grocery stores. Use an external USB adapter: If none of these options work for you, there are external adapters you can buy that allow you to plug your mic directly into one of your console’s USB ports.

5. Adjust Your Audio Settings:

Adjust Your Audio Settings

  • Press the Xbox controller button
  • Now slide right to party and chat.
  • Click on Start a Party
  • Go to Options and then Audio Settings
  • Look at the top of your headset if its mic is turned on.
    There are three audio settings: headset volume, headset chat mixer, and mic monitoring. Here’s what each of them means and how to change it:
  • Headset volume refers to gameplay volume. If you are playing multiplayer, set this volume to the lowest. In the case of single-player gameplay, it is important to hear the volume of doors and enemy footsteps, so move the slider to its full level.
  • Set it to max if you want to talk to your friends.
  • Mic monitoring is the echo of your voice. Please set it to the lowest value.


This article shows you how to fix your Xbox mic not working and we are providing some best and easy methods. If you’re yet including problems, we recommend calling your nearest Xbox location. Their specialists can help you restore and optimize your audio devices so they can deliver clear audio during gameplay.

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