Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And Iphone

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Screen Mirroring Apps

Ever wanted to stream your favorite movies and shows on your TV screen? Or have you ever wanted to read a project on a larger screen, so you don’t put a strain on your eyes? Well, screen mirroring offers you just that. 

Let’s learn a little more about how you can screen mirror your devices with the best third-party applications. 

What Is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a very common technique, thanks to advanced technology. It allows users to connect two devices together via a wireless connection, and “mirror” the display of one device onto another. So, let’s suppose you have a PDF file open on your mobile that you want to mirror on your Smart TV or your laptop/tablet screen. Screen mirroring allows you to view it on other screens, but you can control it from your mobile device only. The mirroring connection takes only a minute, builds a reliable bridge, and rids you off the troubles of sharing or downloading files on your devices. 

On iOS devices like MacBook and iPhones, you will often see the option of “AirPlay”. This is where you connect your iOS device with some other device for mirroring purposes. On Android devices, mirroring or “screencast” options are available in the settings menu.

Now that you know what screen mirroring is and how it works, let’s take a look at some mirroring apps that act as third-party bridges between your devices. All you need to ensure is that the devices you want to connect share the same Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi connection is weak or unreliable, mirroring can be a huge issue. For this purpose, try to get your hands on a good internet plan by Earthlink Internet, so you don’t have to worry about screen stutters and connection breakage while mirroring. 

Let’s check out some apps that you can use for screen mirroring: 

Let’s view – good for beginners 

Very obvious from its name, Let’s View is an app that can help you get a larger view of your favorite content such as downloaded videos or streaming content. If your smart TV or any other device does not have Netflix or any other streaming app, you can always use Lets View to mirror displays. It is one of the most user-friendly mirroring apps you will find, therefore it is an excellent choice for beginners. This app is available for Android and iPhone users both. Plus, it has some cool features for iPhones, such as the one-top screen recording feature. 

Microsoft Remote Desktop – Best for Windows Mirroring 

If there is anything wrong with your PC’s view or you want to control your PC remotely, then the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a great option. It mirrors your PC display on your Android devices. The app has some notable features such as remote access that lets you use your PC from anywhere, good quality audio and video streaming, and remote access to apps and other resources. You can also use multi-gesture technology to control your PC. This app is available for both iPhone and Android phones but only mirror Windows PC on your phones and not Mac OS. 

AnyDesk – best for video streaming due to fast connection 

Many mirroring apps get complaints that the connection lags and the app also hangs a lot on various devices. With AnyDesk, this is not going to be an issue. It is a super smooth and fast app that lets you mirror displays of any kind of device. One of the most notable things about this app is its safety and privacy protocols. With 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange technology, the app will ensure that the data you share over the wireless connection is not lost or its security compromised. For fast connection and easy start-up, this app gives you a login ID and password that you use on your devices to instantly start mirroring! 

Team Viewer – best for teams and office workers 

The most common use of screen mirroring is resolving technical issues in collaborative teams. Team Viewer is made just for that. As the name might as well suggest too, the app is great for mirroring and sharing with a group of users rather than just one. It gives remote access to your mirrored devices. It is ideal for office workers, so even when you are not at the official site you can still access all your resources on the computer. Full keyboard functionality, a strong firewall, and multi-monitor capability are some highlight features of this app. 

Bottom Line

There are various ways you can use screen mirroring technology. Some devices that come from the same manufacturer and operating software have built-in mirroring options. However, in most cases, you will require a third-party mirroring app. Before you use any app, make sure you are all set with an internet connection from buytvinternetphone

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