The Advantages of Android over iOS

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Android over iOS

If you’re planning on acquiring a new phone, you may be pondering whether to go with an iOS or an Android smartphone. Given that you do practically everything on your phone these days, you must choose the suitable one when upgrading. After all, you’ll be using it every day for the next two years, if not longer.

If you have a problem deciding, here are some reasons you should go with an Android phone over an iPhone.


The most significant benefit of Android over the iPhone is the price. Because there are so many Android device manufacturers, you can buy a large assortment of smartphones at various pricing ranges. Only the most powerful and costly Android devices match the price of Apple goods. Because of its low cost, Android has an extensive global user base.

Android provides various alternatives for whatever price the customer desires; however, iOS is more costly and only fits a specific budget. Although certain companies, such as Samsung, offer more expensive models than iOS, there are still some inexpensive models for various budgets.

Additional Options and Features

The other argument is that Android smartphones have more design, size, color, features, and pricing options. If you have specific requirements or desires, an Android phone will meet them. There are different Android phones for all users, whether you want a gaming phone, a camera phone, or a large-screen phone for movie streaming. The fact that Android accommodates virtually every user is why you will find exclusive Android casino sites that cannot be accessed via iOS.

You can get reasonably priced, feature-rich Android phones with near-flagship-level performance. High-end smartphones with all the bells and whistles, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Oppo Find X5 Pro, are at the opposite end of the range.

Furthermore, Android phones include features such as Always On Display, reverse wireless charging, fingerprint scanners, headphone ports, split-screen multitasking, and more that the iPhone does not have.

Memory expansion

The vast majority of Android phones have expandable memory. That means you can open an extra slot on the side of your phone and insert a micro SD card to expand the phone’s memory.

That’s a significant advantage, given the expensive fees that Apple and other phone manufacturers charge to double or triple storage when purchasing a smartphone.¬†

Furthermore, Google Drive provides Android users with 15GB of free storage, but iCloud only provides 5GB.

More liberty, control, and customization

Android, being an open-source platform, provides more flexibility and customization choices than iOS. You can change practically everything on your Android smartphone, from the appearance of your home screen to how you engage with it.

For example, if you become tired of the look of your Android home screen, you can alter anything from the size of the app icons to their shapes and colors. To customize the appearance and feel of your smartphone, you can install third-party launchers, app themes, and font packs. Do you want your favorite music to be your ringtone? That is so simple!

Although Apple has made significant progress in recent years to expand iOS customization possibilities by introducing features like widgets and third-party keyboards, it still does not provide the same customization as Android. When you click on Maps or a web link for directions, you’re mostly stuck with basic programs like Safari.

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